SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources · 61
LANE (Latin America Northeast Consortium).
LANE various others.
LASER (group of large Latin Americanist collections in Southeast (UF, Duke, UNC, Tulane, Vanderbilt, and Miami to
mention just some meets each year at Salalm and once per three years at a member library).
LC’s South Asia Cooperative Acquisition Project—Cooperative Collection Development for South Asia—partnership
(via SACAP).
Library of Congress cooperative programs for South Asia, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Africa, and Latin America. North
American East Asian Libraries often form a group to subscribe to individual electronic databases. The Japanese
collection subscribes to three databases and joined three different groups. The Korean collection will soon start
subscribing to electronic databases with the Korean Foundation grant. Grant recipients receive a group discount.
Library of Congress South Asia Program.
MOLLAS (Mid-West Organization of Librarians for Latin American Studies).
Minor informal agreements on sharing certain subject areas or language areas. The University of Minnesota Libraries are
also sharing in the funding for a Japan studies librarian based at the University of Illinois library.
North American Coordinating Council for Japanese Library Resources CIC.
Northwestern contributes to a pooled annual fund of resources created by the Title VI African Studies Centers to
carry out cooperative acquisitions as well as support preservation, microforming, and digital initiatives. This fund is
administered by CRL but allocation from it is determined by Title VI institutions plus Northwestern. NU also participates
in CRL’s Global Resources Network, with memberships in GNARP (German), CIFNAL (French), AFRINUL (Africana).
We participate in NERL for East Asian materials. We participate in CAMP (CRL Africana microform project). We are a
member of the CIC.
Regional consortia for East Asia, Latin America, and Slavic libraries.
Shastri (Indic materials) Korean Collections Consortium of North America Library of Congress (Indonesian) First
Nations and indigenous peoples—contacts.
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.
South Asia Consortium-West.
The African Studies Library participates in AfriCAP (a cooperative through the Library of Congress).
The Consortium of Hellenic Studies Librarians does not do collaborative collection development, but it is an important
source of tips for vendors, as well as hard-to-get individual titles for the Classics Librarian.
The Library participates in CRKN and CREPUQ consortium purchases, but not specifically for global resources only.
Through the UW East Asia Library, we use the “E-Korean studies database,” funded by the Korea Foundation, and
supported by the “E-Korean Studies group”. We also have many exchange agreements for Japanese legal periodicals.
Exchanges are with the National Diet Library of Japan, The Japanese Supreme Court Library, the Ministry of Justice
Library, and many academic institutions in Japan.
TRLN (Triangle Research Libraries Network) Title VI grant.
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