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Baja California Collection
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Baja California Collection
Beginning with a nucleus of gifts from Ellen C. Barrett, Francis Howell, Helen Raitt, and
others, the Baja California Collection has developed into a major resource for Baja
California studies. Over 1,800 books, journals, newspapers, maps, photographs, and
manuscripts support comprehensive research in the history, politics, culture, economy,
and natural history of the Baja California peninsula. Literature is included when Baja
California forms the subject of the work.
Geophysical, archeological and biological studies, descriptions by early explorers, civil
codes, mission records and accounts, documentation of settlements, guidebooks, travel
narratives and journals, family and local histories, economic reports and statistics, reports
on US/Mexican border affairs, and contemporary trade relations reflect the topical breadth
of these resources, which range in date from the mid-eighteenth century to the present.
Most of these are Spanish language materials published largely in Baja California or in
the United States, although many of the histories, guidebooks, and early works on natural
history are in English. Some interesting examples in the collection include 1889/90 issues
of Periodico Oficial, a government newspaper for the Baja district of Mexico that
published legal news and announcements but also included extensive advertising and
sales notices Lower Californian, an English language newspaper published in Ensenada
in the late nineteenth century Coleccion de los principales trabajos ...de los territorios de
la Alta y de la Baja California (1827), an important compilation of eight of the earliest
works proposing a government for the Californias Lessepas's De la colonizacion de la
Baja California (1859), one of the earliest quantitative summaries of colonization efforts
Report on the Property of the Triunfo Silver Mining and Commercial Company of Lower
California (1866), a promotional report describing mining operations and encouraging
American development the Richard Dering Letters, penned in the mid-nineteenth century
by a settler of the Lower California Company and the papers of cartographer and travel
writer Howard E. Gulick.
Additional early accounts of Baja explorers and missionaries appear in the department's
Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages. Complimentary materials on marine science are held
by UCSD's Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The UCSD International Relations/Pacific
Studies Library gathers contemporary documents about Baja California business and
Bibliographic access to these materials is provided through ROGER WEB and MELVYL,
the UCSD Libraries and UC-wide online library catalogs. Finding aids for Baja California
manuscripts are also available online.
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