68 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Unit of hands-on conservators who repair/preserve materials.
We do not treat global resources any differently, but often these materials need additional help just to stabilize them for
the shelves.
We have no preservation initiatives specific to global resources.
We have some projects within our regional area studies consortium.
24. Please indicate what strategies your library is using for the preservation of electronic global
resources. Check all that apply. N=39
Adding content to institutional repositories 29 74%
Archiving websites 15 39%
Other strategy 13 33%
Please describe the other strategy.
A Digital Initiatives Librarian has been recruited recently to develop plans and programs for preservation of e-resources/
digital resources. A Chinese Canadian Historical Librarian has been recruited to develop plans for Asian Library Chinese
Digitizing area studies unique collections.
Digitizing table of contents to provide improved access. Exploring new tools for digital preservation so still developing
Library managed content environment for materials the library actively stewards (digitized materials from our collections,
etc.) Dually redundant off-site storage or archival versions of digital objects data refreshing services for archived
Local repository projects.
Regular maintenance of databases through constant contact with vendors commitment to migrate electronic/digital
content as software systems change to assure continued access.
Relying on vendors.
This has not been a concern.
We are on the cusp of carrying out these measures.
We have not yet implemented a digital preservation program but expect to offer repository services within the next six
When possible, we support third-party archiving agencies such as Portico, LOCKSS, and the Center for Research
Work with US vendor of foreign produced resources to archive in LOCKSS. We plan to archive websites but are still
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