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considering how. We are not actively downloading electronic resources, except in the case where a copy of an e-journal
might become part of our LOCKSS repository.
25. Please briefly describe up to three challenges to preserving global resources your library has
experienced and what measures have been taken to overcome those challenges. N=37
Acidic paper, particularly from developing countries is a major challenge, and we have a well-developed and long-
standing program of mass deacidification in place for these materials. Brittle paper represents an ongoing challenge.
We have developed a Selector Review Program to aid in making appropriate decisions about the digitization of brittle
material. Items for review are identified by circulation staff at the point of reshelving or by selectors while performing
routine collection review or analysis. Preservation Department staff search each title to determine the status of current
holdings, the availability of reprints, and the cost of digitization, and then recommend the best preservation option.
These recommendations are reviewed in quarterly meetings with each selector to determine the most appropriate
course of action. This process ensures that preservation resources are being expended on materials of lasting value
to the collections and that we are not duplicating effort by digitizing materials that already exist in digital format in a
trusted repository such as HathiTrust.
Amount of poor formats funding for preservation.
As with all our material, adequate preservation is always a challenge, but in some areas we have been able to provide
proper storage. We try to purchase electronic resources only from reliable sources where the content will be sustained.
Budget. Manpower.
Challenges: Insufficient funding and staffing copyright issues restricting preservation scanning. Measures to overcome
challenges: creative use of resources.
Copyright issues related to digitization—seeking permissions can be slow or impossible. Funds for traditional
preservation like binding and special acid-free wrappers are drying up. In response, some low use material is being
moved to a storage annex.
Costs technical expertise.
Determining copyright. Digital preservation—maintaining links. What is appropriate to “collect” given staffing for
selection and where should these resources be maintained? This question is being addressed by a strategic planning
collections group.
Establishing a standard method of digital preservation for vendors to adhere to (a challenge, not something that we
have overcome, or will be able to do alone!) We are currently trying to establish an institutional repository at our
university. The biggest challenge for print materials is the quality of binding. We usually resort to archival boxes.
FSU has prepared a master plan that includes a new building with space for 1/2 million volumes.
Have not invested in preservation of global resources.
Hiring skilled professionals that understand the challenges of preserving global resources, understanding the limitations
of current cooperative initiatives, advocating for consistent financial support for global resources when teaching faculty
move on to other institutions.
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