SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources · 77
Multilingual Welcome pages at start of each semester.
Our catalog and all of our web presence uses Unicode. We are in the process of creating multilingual guides to our
digital collections. Some of our LibGuides are in the language of the class they are supporting (German, Spanish,
Chinese, etc.).
Our CHC web page and catalogs both have Spanish language options.
Recent implementation of Unicode. One-on-one reference in user’s language. New materials list searchable by
Research guides. The Latin American/Iberian Studies librarian makes some library research instruction presentations
in Spanish to classes. She, and the librarians for Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, and Russian and East European
Studies, offer reference consultation and library tours in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Our OPAC (InfoHawk) is
Unicode enabled, and supports Arabic and CJK script. It has CJK language search capability, which has been tested for
all ILS upgrades.
Shao Overseas Chinese Research and Documentation Center web pages are in English and Chinese. Various Center for
International Collections Databank databases include foreign language citations, e.g., Malay, Chinese, Thai, Japanese.
Some multi-language reference and instruction is offered as required.
The implementation of a cataloguing support contract with OCLC Library Technical Services allows us to provide access
to materials in languages not read/spoken by library staff. MARC records for resources digitized by the Center for
Research Libraries are loaded to the library’s local catalogue. MARCit service is used to add records to our catalogue for
e-journals published both in North America and abroad.
The Libraries OPAC features CJK bib records. The OPAC also features Cyrillic-alphabet bib-record text. The East Asian
Library website features significant amounts of CJK text.
Unicode enabled library catalog.
Unicode in use. We are considering some multilingual web pages.
Unicode, non-Roman catalogs, multilingual wiki.
Unicode are experimenting with multilingual web pages.
Unicode. Non-Roman characters in OPAC and OCLC WorldCat. Reference and instruction in CJK languages as needed.
Multilingual LibGuides.
Various projects, some of them externally funded, to provide access to otherwise underrepresented materials, including:
Collaboration between the UW East Asia Library (EAL) and the National Library of China to digitize rare and sometimes
unique Chinese materials held in the EAL. Collaboration with research institutions in Thailand to create a bi-lingual Thai/
English instance of DSpace to provide enhanced access to collections of research materials and photographs from Thai
research institutions. Development of a parallel English language thesaurus of search terms to match the Thai search
terms used in the Thammasat Thai Journal Index. Development of extensive image and text databases documenting
distinctive cultural phenomena of various regions, e.g., a Turkish folk weaving and folkways image database, and the
William Brumfield Russian Architecture Collection.
We have implemented Unicode.
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