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2008 UHM Library Collection Policy Statements
2008 Library Collection Policy Statements :Policies| University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
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2008 UHM Library Collection Policy Statements
A. College of Arts and Humanities
1. American Studies
a. American Studies, Historic Preservation
b. American Studies, Museum Studies
2. Art
3. History
4. Music
5. Philosophy
6. Religion
7. Speech
8. Theater and Dance
B. College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature
1. East Asian Languages and Literatures (see area policies under Asia
2. English
3. Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas
4. Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages (see area policies under
Special Collections)
5. Linguistics
6. Second Language Studies
C. College of Natural Sciences
1. Biology
2. Botany
3. Chemistry
4. Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
5. General Science
6. Information and Computer Science
7. Library and Information Science
8. Mathematics
9. Microbiology
10. Physics and Astronomy
11. Zoology
D. College of Social Sciences
1. Anthropology
2. Communication
3. Economics
4. Ethnic Studies
5. Geography
6. Journalism
7. Peace Studies
8. Political Science
9. Psychology
10. Public Administration
11. Sociology
12. Urban and Regional Planning
13. Women's Studies Program
E. College of Business
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