58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
19. Does your library favor the acquisition of global resources from vendors who can provide the
following services? Please select either Yes or No in each row. N=66
N Yes No
Approval plans 66 60 6
MARC records 63 52 11
Shelf-ready material 63 39 24
Lists of previously supplied items 57 42 15
Other vendor provided services 41 26 15
Other outsourcing services 21 2 19
Number of Responses 66 66 36
Please briefly describe the “Other vendor provided services.” N=24
Access to vendor databases of new publications on law in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Many vendors provide
regular (once a month or more) lists of new titles in law.
An online database for selection &ordering.
Binding, hard cover, can supply used books.
Binding. As to the list above, we do not always take advantage of vendor services for global resources if the costs are
relatively high for the number of items acquired annually.
Databases of available material.
Discounts from vendors.
EDI electronic invoicing, participation in WorldCat selection service.
Effective and efficient shipping service preventing duplication by checking local holdings, and identifying gaps in our
Electronic billing.
Electronic invoicing and direct shipment to our cataloguing agent including dealing with customs, etc.
Electronic ordering Shelf-ready (for Asian Library).
Electronic selecting ordering in vendor database.
German Studies: In my area, I have relied on vendors for some degree of analysis of acquisitions and expenditure data.
Islamic Studies/Middle Eastern Studies: Firm ordering. Acquisitions level MARC. South Asian Studies: Foreign vendors
who seek out desired material from their regions are much appreciated.
Lists of appropriate new materials. Ability to work with and invoice US libraries. Very responsive via email.
Notification of published/forthcoming items.
Online ordering system.
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