SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources · 23
Please briefly describe the focus of the “Other area” the library is actively collecting. N=25
Actively developing Middle East and Islamic Studies collections that are not described in this survey.
Arabic Studies.
Archeology (all categories) Oceania (print monographs).
Archiving web pages (via ArchiveIT addressing Mexican street graphics and energy policy and dialog in South America).
Arctic Studies.
Byzantine and Modern Greece—in many areas collecting comprehensively the exception is Modern Greek literature
texts—still collecting literature history, criticism, bibliography in some areas, collecting historical studies—e.g., law,
military science, technology.
Caribbean Studies, which is also collected as part of Africana, Latin American Studies, and North American Studies.
Caribbean Studies.
China Studies.
Circumpolar or northern studies.
Classical Studies: incorporating all aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman world.
Earth Sciences.
Hellenic Studies—limited collecting.
Hellenic Studies.
Icelandic and Old Norse Studies Dante, Petrarch Studies.
International Development.
International perspectives: indigenous peoples. International government publications international governmental
organizations: electronic if possible.
Irish Studies.
Medieval Studies. (2 responses)
Melanesian Collection.
Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand).
Pacific Island Studies.
Scandinavian/Nordic Studies.
We have a Cuban Heritage Collection, which focuses specifically on Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora worldwide.
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