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University of Kansas
African Studies
Name/Responsibility for the Collection: African Studies
Bibliographer: Shiferaw Assefa
History of Collection: The African-­‐American Studies department was founded in 1970 and the Kansas
African Studies Center originated from it in the 1980s. Immediately after the creation of the
department, the library started to selectively collect materials on Africa in order to support the
curriculum and the researches of faculty and students.
Objectives/Purpose: The purpose of the collection in African Studies is to support the teaching and
research of the Department of African-­‐American Studies and faculty and students associated with the
Kansas African Studies Center. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of African Studies, the primary
clientele for the collections is the undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and research staff in
various departments whose research focus is on Africa.
Description of Academic Programs Supported/Levels of Academic Programs Supported (very brief):
The Department of African-­‐American Studies offers bachelors and masters degrees in African-­‐American
and African Studies. In addition, there are significant numbers of graduate students who pursue Africa-­‐
related topics for their dissertation across campus.
Subject Areas: Since African Studies is interdisciplinary, the fund covers all subject areas except Law and
Medicine. There is emphasis on African History, ethnography, local history and description (Call Number
DT1-­‐3415). Other areas of focus are African Religions (BL2400-­‐BL2490), Islam in Africa (BL64),
Christianity in Africa (BR1359-­‐1470), Atlases (G2445-­‐2739, African Literature (PL 8000-­‐8839), African
national bibliography (Z3501-­‐3979), etc.
Geographical Areas: Materials collected are from or about all the African countries with emphasis on
Sub-­‐Saharan Africa.
Languages: At present time, the library’s first priority is to collect books and journals in English, with less
emphasis on corresponding materials in French, Portuguese, and German. A second priority is to select
materials needed for language study and cultural reading in the African languages taught by the
Types of Materials:
Types Included: Print books and journals, databases, reference materials, and audiovisual
materials covering various topics will be purchased when feasible upon request.
Types Excluded: Textbooks
Publication Date: New publications only. We retrospectively collect if there is high demand for a
specific item by faculty and researchers.
Related Collections/Other Library Collections that Support this Subject: Since African Studies is
interdisciplinary, the collection supports all the departments except the Schools of Law and Medicine.
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