30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
expensive illustrated works that are not limited to any single department or subject but used as appropriate. Our Title VI
Centers all give varying amounts for library support.
Occasionally from outside sources.
Recruitment grants awarded to faculty by the university as part of their hiring. Funds are controlled by faculty members
but designated specifically for purchases of materials to develop collections in new areas.
Salary savings.
South Asian: Other funding source is Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute. Central Eurasian: Other funding source is
Mongolian State University of Agriculture Exchange Program.
The library’s Board of Governors (BoG) annually supports collection-building initiatives through a competitive process
Board of Governors funds are technically considered gifts and hence are included above as both “gifts” and “other,”
although the “gifts” column includes other gifts as well as BoG. Special support is also available, on a competitive
basis, for desiderata. There is also special funding available from other academic units across campus, under special
Through the international studies centers on campus, we sometimes have access to Title VI money for acquisitions.
Title VI funding exchange funding from academic centers and departments.
Title VI funds from the Center for East Asian Studies OSU Slavic Center.
We do not pay for print materials they are donated by ethnic communities and donors. They are preserved and made
accessible with the assistance of ethnic studies funds raised largely from ethnic community members and archives
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