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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Asia Collection Org Code: MAAILB
Maintains the order of the physical collection. Stack
maintenance includes preservation analysis, mold control
monitoring conditions of library material and the stacks
environment. Equipment maintenance includes monitoring and
maintenance of environmental equipment (fans) cleaning and
repair of all electronic equipment and media. Works in
conjunction with the Campus Security staff to maintain the
security of library collections and patrons.
Provides assistance and instruction for patrons using the
audiovisual media in the collection and instruction in the
use of the equipment housed therein. Access is provided to
music CDs tapes and records, CD-ROMS, individual and group
previewing of laserdiscs, videotapes, films and other
Provides business services, including self-service
photocopying, billing and fines, and patron registration.
Asia Collection Org Code: MAAILB
The Asia Collection is an internationally recognized area
collection incorporating collections from East, Southeast and
South Asia. It provides the University community and the State
with major resources on Asia for study, research and training.
Selects and arranges for the acquisition of books, journals,
newspapers, non-commercial publications and other print and non-
print materials from and about South, Southeast and East Asia
published both in Western and Asian languages. (Actual ordering
and processing operations are centralized in the Collection
Services departments). The collection receives materials
published in 17 Asian languages as well as English and other
Western languages. Emphasis of the Collections are in the social
sciences and humanities disciplines, with selected material on
science subjects that reflect cultural traditions. Librarians
develop and maintain close contact with libraries and
institutions engaged in Asia related scholarly activities
throughout the world. Access to the research resources of the
Asia Collection is provided through specialized reference
service, instruction in the use of the collection, preparation of
bibliographic aids and guides to electronic resources.
Special Collections Org Code: MASPLB
Special Collections incorporates several discrete collections:
Hawaiian, Pacific, and Rare books. Because the material collected
is rare, unique, or otherwise extraordinary, these collections
require special, often unique policies and procedures for
acquiring, processing, storing and patron use.
This department provides the University and the State with the
most comprehensive collections and services possible relating to
Hawai‘i and the Pacific. It is responsible for specialized
collection development activities required to maintain and
develop the unique and internationally acclaimed Pacific
Collection (Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia) and the
Hawaiian Collection. The Hawaiian Collection serves as a
repository for Hawai‘i State documents.
These collections support the University’s teaching and research
emphases on Hawaiian and Pacific studies.
Provides in-depth reference and bibliographic assistance to
resources in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections and also for
the Rare and other Special Collections.
Operates an automated circulation system and paging services to
provide access to the Hawaiian, Pacific and other Special
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