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Endowment Gifts Grants Other Funding
Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies
Melanesian Collection
Pacific Island Studies
Cuban Heritage Collection
Please briefly describe the “Other funding source.” N=24
Academic department support for special acquisitions, such as cost sharing and subject related acquisitions.
Classical Studies funding: Most funding for the acquisitions of materials for the Classics Library collections comes from
the Semple Fund, which was established by Louise Taft Semple for the Classics Department. General funds and gift
funds also constitute a small percentage of the acquisitions funding. Semple funds are requested from the Classics
Department on an annual basis.
East Asian: Through membership in the Indo-Canadian Shastri Institute. Icelandic gets funding from the government of
Iceland related to U Manitoba’s former depository status.
End of year funds calls for new resources NEH.
External program support for staffing.
Faculty allocated library funds academic department one-time funds Central Administration one-time funds for specific
areas or projects.
FSU is actively seeking donors whose name we may brand on electronic resources—databases with recurring costs are
our biggest challenge right now. We have enjoyed stimulus funds to supplement our materials budget last fiscal year,
this current fiscal year, and the upcoming fiscal year. I have been in contact with University of Florida, which collects
extensively in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and we have informally agreed that Florida State University will collect
in Tibet and East Asia, while UF will handle South and Southeast Asia. UF has an endowed Judaica collection, so I
purchase materials in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, but for modern materials, UF acquires it all for Judaica.
Funding from area studies centers that is not Title VI but comes from their own budgets.
Funds from the department earmarked for library materials.
Gifts-in-kind from donors.
Gifts-in-kind from donors, particularly subject/area-focused collections of significant size. Donations/exchanges of
materials for our collection received from partnered international libraries.
Government Depository.
Grants =US Department of Education Title VI Grants.
Grants: Indirectly through university grant for Chinese historical project Korea Foundation. Some one-time gifts
(Vietnamese collection). For South Asian: Shastri Library Programme, membership/fee based.
Occasionally an academic department or professor provides funds from one of their endowments. East Asia has received
support from Japanese and Korean foundations. We have endowments for research materials in Liberal Arts and
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