124 · Representative Documents: Collection Development Policies
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Collection Development Policy. Hawaiian Collection
Hawaiÿi Library, receipt is uncertain, and monitoring acquisitions and pursuing missing
items are time-consuming.
Hawaiian Music: Hawaiian music in print and audiovisual formats are collected.
Audiovisual: All formats are collected. Radio tapes and other non-music sound
recordings are added selectively. Selected locally produced television programs about
Hawaiÿi are taped off-air, with permission.
Editions: All editions are collected: paper and hard cover of the same title, the title in
different languages, and all variant editions. Reprints are deemed variant editions.
Electronic Formats: Materials in electronic format are acquired selectively.
Microforms and Other Duplicative Formats: The Hawaiian Collection purchases
microform copies of materials on a selective basis. Material that may not be available for
purchase may be added by duplication by microfilm, photocopy or audiovisual
duplication. The collection microfilms, digitizes, photocopies or dubs parts of its
collection (e.g. newspapers and fragile materials) for preservation purposes.
Reprints and Offprints: Reprints and offprints of journal articles and book chapters are
collected selectively. Priority is given to scholarly articles, articles in journals not owned
by the library, lengthy feature articles, and/or subjects where there is limited information
in other formats. Highly scientific articles are largely excluded.
The Hawaiian Collelction acquires material under the following provisions:
a) By purchase, using University Library funds allocated to the collection
b) By deposit, such as state agency publications
c) By gift from publishers, public and private issuing agencies, and individuals
d) By special funding, such as gifts and grants for special projects
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