SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources · 33
Please identify the collection focus of the “Other area.” N=23
Byzantine and Modern Greece Studies.
Circumpolar or northern studies.
Classical Studies.
Earth Sciences.
Icelandic and Old Norse Studies Dante, Petrarch Studies.
Irish Studies. (2 responses)
Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand).
We expect to add endowment funding for Jewish Studies soon.
We have a Cuban Heritage Collection, which focuses specifically on Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora worldwide.
Medieval Studies.
Melanesian Collection.
About the same
Arabic Studies.
Archeology (same) Oceania (same).
Arctic Studies.
Caribbean Studies.
China studies.
Given the current economic climate, which in our case means a flat budget at least for the coming year (and unknown
for the next few years), we expect expenditures to be about the same. We do not feel that this reflects a lack of
commitment to global resources it is a library-wide situation.
Hellenic Studies.
International Development.
International perspectives: indigenous peoples.
Medieval Studies.
Pacific Island Studies.
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