SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources  · 33
Please identify the collection focus of the “Other area.” N=23
Byzantine and Modern Greece Studies.
Circumpolar or northern studies.
Classical Studies.
Earth Sciences.
Icelandic and Old Norse Studies; Dante, Petrarch Studies.
Irish Studies. (2 responses)
Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand).
We expect to add endowment funding for Jewish Studies soon.
We have a Cuban Heritage Collection, which focuses specifically on Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora worldwide.
Medieval Studies.
Melanesian Collection.
About the same
Arabic Studies.
Archeology (same); Oceania (same).
Arctic Studies.
Caribbean Studies.
China studies.
Given the current economic climate, which in our case means a flat budget at least for the coming year (and unknown
for the next few years), we expect expenditures to be about the same. We do not feel that this reflects a lack of
commitment to global resources; it is a library-wide situation.
Hellenic Studies.
International Development.
International perspectives: indigenous peoples.
Medieval Studies.
Pacific Island Studies.
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