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Cantigny 1st Division Oral History Project
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Videotaped oral histories of soldiers and guardsmen who served with the
1st Division of the U.S. Army from 1944 to 2009.
Diaries and Travel Writings of King Chulalongkorn of Siam, David K.
Wyatt Thai Collection
Includes King Chulalongkorn's diaries from 1876 to 1887, and his travel
writings which chronicle the King's royal visits to India, Malaya,
Singapore, Java, Europe, and the remote corners of Siam.
Political Campaign Commercials
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(accessible only on the Athens campus)
Videos from 1952 to 2002 featuring all types of elections, including
presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, house, and local elections.
E. W. Scripps Papers
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Letters, memos, and reports by E.W. Scripps (1854-1926), an American
newspaper publisher and founder of The E.W. Scripps Company and
United Press news service. Includes photographs documenting the
Scripps family.
Yao Ceremonial Artifacts Collection in ARTstor
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(accessible only to Athens campus affiliates -authentication required)
Images of approximately 2000 pieces of ceremonial and temple art from
the Yao culture of North Vietnam such as head dress-type objects, small
and large hand scrolls, hanging scrolls, and some books and textiles.
Ohio University Alumni Journals
View Alumni Journals, 1893-2001. Titles include Ohio University Bulletin
(1893-1923), The Ohio Alumnus (1923-1970), Ohio University Alumni
Journal (1970-1978), Ohio University Today (1978-1999), and Ohio
Today (1999-2001). A collaborative project of the Alumni Association
and the Libraries.
Ohio University Archives
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Historic Ohio University-related materials including photos, maps,
documents, publications, and memorabilia.
Ohio University Catalogs
View course catalogs 1956-2008. Includes undergraduate (1956-2008),
graduate (1956-2007), summer (scattered 1956-1997), and extension
(1956-1976). After the 2006-2008 edition, OU ceased publishing hard
copies of its annual catalogs. Phase 2 of the catalog digitization project
will include catalogs 1831-1956.
Ohio University Yearbooks
View yearbooks 1892-2009. Yearbooks were published most years as
either the Athena or Spectrum Green. A collaborative project of the
Alumni Association and the Libraries.
Ohio University Archives on Flicker!
Images and documents from University Archives, especially Ohio
University Libraries history.
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