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Timely notification (preference for electronic notification if possible). Foreign database pricing unrealistic for small North
American audience.
Preservation Strategies
Global resources materials are frequently printed on paper with high acid content and are consequently in danger of disintegrating
quickly, if not properly preserved. Similar issues arise with electronic resources because websites and other open access content are
developed by initiatives that are not sustained. This content will be lost once the initiative ceases, if not archived and/or preserved.
23. Please indicate what strategies your library is using for the preservation of print global resources.
Check all that apply. N=58
Ideal and protective storage 41 71%
Relying on cooperative initiatives, such as Google, HathiTrust, etc. 40 69%
Reformatting (e.g., digitizing, microfilming, etc.) 35 60%
De-acidification 17 29%
Other strategy 17 29%
Please describe the other strategy.
A Preservation Librarian has been recruited recently to develop plans for environmental controls, developing expertise in
the library. Early planning towards a storage facility.
Binding, conservation treatments, environmental monitoring, disaster planning and response.
Conservation, i.e., physical treatment of individual items.
Created a Preservation Masters Collection to preserve and track the original of any reformatted items.
CRL Area Studies microfilming projects.
Digitization for repository in targeted projects.
HathiTrust membership is under consideration.
In a few rare instances, we have reprinted a book from a scan in order to have a back-up paper version of a uniquely
held title on the shelf.
None at present.
Providing proper/adequate environmental storage.
Rebinding or using protective covers as needed.
This has not been a concern.
Treated on a case-by-case basis, but not separately as a global resources collection.
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