36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
8. Please estimate the percentage of global resources expenditures that are spent on electronic
materials. N=54
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
0 45 14.89 11 11.98
Percentage Responses
0 3
1–4 6
5–9 12
10–14 8
15–19 6
20–24 6
25+ 13
9. In the next five years do you expect the relative percentage of electronic materials and the
expenditures for electronic materials to increase, decrease, or stay about the same? N=62
N Increase Decrease Stay About the Same
Percentage of electronic materials 58 47 11
Expenditures for electronic materials 57 45 1 11
Number of Responses 62 52 1 13
Additional Comments N=30
Above estimates are simply guesses. No research or analysis done.
As more materials become available electronically and provide stable access, undoubtedly we will increase our electronic
purchases appropriately. Additionally, our electronic resources will continue to grow as part of our membership in
Cannot estimate in this area.
Conversion of print to digital.
Depending on the type of resource, our overall materials expenditures have either declined from five years ago or at
best kept up with inflation. We are not spending proportionally less on global resources, nor has our commitment to
acquiring this type of material weakened, but budget limitations have had an impact on all collecting areas.
Electronic databases, serial, or monograph packages, are typically funded on electronic resource funds, not global/
international studies funds. Only individual monographs and some serial titles are funded by global/ international
studies funds.
Electronic resources are funded from a central fund and we do not currently divide it up among subjects collected this is
currently under review by our Collection Development and Management Committee.
Estimated percentage of electronic materials is for serials only. Global resources are not funded separately.
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