38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
collections in research libraries the move for the core, general English-language publications into more of a “collective
collection,” and an emphasis on the unique and special as what differentiates a research library global materials may be
important in this arena.
The percentage above includes all resources, in all disciplines. No separate numbers are kept for global resources.
These estimates are complete guesses!
These figures represent averages of the estimates of all of our international bibliographers. Each area was slightly
This is based on educated guess, not data. Our fund coding is not set up by country or geographic area.
We catalog freely available resources and records for free ejournals are fed into our OPAC. So we ask ourselves, are
these part of our “collections”? We archive websites but costs come from tech services/digital budgets, not collections
budgets. Our expenditure estimates do not include Western Europe and are based on percentages of dedicated area
studies funds, expended on resources that are specifically from/about world areas. Our estimates do not including
purchases of large packages and aggregator databases with area-related content, as such expenditures would be
impossible to calculate.
While more will be expended overall for electronic materials, this will not be uniform across all global studies areas. In
some areas, more digital content is available than in others.
While we assume some increase, we do not expect that increase to be significant.
Staff Organization
10. Please indicate whether staff in a distinct global resources unit(s) handle collection management
and public service functions for global resources or whether global resources are handled the same
as other collections. Check all that apply. N=64
N Distinct Unit(s) Same as Other Collections
Selection 64 23 47
Acquisitions 64 14 57
Cataloging/processing 64 18 53
Public service/outreach 63 25 44
Print preservation 63 1 63
Digital preservation 61 2 60
Digitizing 60 5 58
Number of Responses 64 25 64
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