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University of Kansas
Electronic Resources for African Studies
KU Libraries: KU Libraries: African Studies
http://www.lib.ku.edu/africanstudies/african_studies.shtml[8/10/11 1:52:05 PM]
Includes a very useful guide to "Resources for library research in African studies" and links to various other
Africana library collections and resources.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Center for African Studies. Africana Reading Room. Cite
maintained by Al Kagan.
The UIUC library collections cover all African countries and include resources on more than 150 African
languages. Notes on the collection scope include a list of priority countries and languages. Collections are
interdisciplinary and include all formats, with concentration on the humanities, social sciences, and agriculture.
Collections include more than 180,000 volumes.
Instructional Resources and Outreach
African focus :sights and sounds of a continent. University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Project
Includes research and teaching resources containing more than 3,000 slides, 500 photographs, and 50 hours
of sound recordings from forty-five different countries. Brings together both primary and secondary materials in
digital format.
Afrophile :Recommended titles on Africa for children and young people /comp. by Brenda Randolph.
"Studies have repeatedly shown that children’s collections in U.S. school and public libraries contain primarily
biased, dated, and inaccurate materials on Africa. Africa Access is responding to the need for quality materials
by publishing AFROPHILE. Only those materials receiving favorable recommendations from scholars on Africa
are included in AFROPHILE. Entries are arranged first by grade level and then alphabetically by author".
University of Pennsylvania African Studies Center Website
Northwestern University. Facts about African Countries.
A clickable map of the continent. A click on any country brings up facts about the country taken from the 2006
CIA World Factbook.
Title VI African Studies National Resource Centers
Title VI African Studies National Resource Centers (NRC's) are charged with the responsibility of providing up-
to-date and reliable educational information about Africa and its peoples to a wide audience. These include
resources for K-12 classroom use by students and teachers, community college students and teachers,
company and business organizations, and community groups. These NRC’s, listed below (current and some
former), have developed many educational resources that are available to various individuals and
organizations. Some have lending libraries, as indicated by the notes below.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Center for African Studies. Outreach Program.
An extensive site with K-12 instructional resources for teaching about Africa, and a list of outreach publications
available from the Center.
Boston University. African Studies Center Outreach Program.
An extensive collection of teaching resources including a map with other contries superimposed over the
continent of Africa to exemplify its comparataive size (How Big is Africa?) that is available for purchase, and
many other teaching resources listed by grade level (PreK-5, 6-8, 9-12, and Adult)
Indiana University. African Studies Outreach Program.
Includes a lending library of teaching resources that may be borrowed for up to two weeks by faculty, staff,
and students regardless of institutional affiliation. The site includes an online video catalog and a curriculum
resources catalog for searching the lending library's holdings. A very extensive and resourceful site.
Michigan State University. African Studies Outreach Program.
This site has an extensive collection of outreach resources that serves a user population of students and
faculty at more than 100 institutions. Includes links to various aspects of the outreach program, including
outreach to teachers and educators, outreach to higher education, study abroad, and outreach to communities,
government, business, and the Media Program. The Media Program has its own website, with an online
catalog of films and videos. Another very useful site for outreach materials.
University of Kansas. Kansas African Studies Center. KASC Outreach Center.
Includes information on the teachers' institutes sponsored by the Center, K-12 resources, materials available for
borrowing, and related resources.
University of Florida. Center for African Studies. Outreach Program.
Includes links to teachers' workshop, community and school presentations, educational publications, cultural
exchanges, outreach resource library, consultations, and Swahili language instruction program for public
school teachers.
University of Pennsylvania. African Studies Center. Outreach Program.
Outreach program includes K-12 electronic guide for African resources, Business resources on Africa, Media
resources on Africa, and Outreach workshops on teaching about Africa.
Yale University. MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies.
"For educators, ...African Studies offers teacher training workshops and resource services, enrichment
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