SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources · 121
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Collection Development Policy. Hawaiian Collection
University Archives: The Hawaiian Collection acquires printed and electronic
publications and serials issued by or about the University of Hawaiÿi at Mänoa, faculty
offprints about Hawaiÿi, and University of Hawaiÿi dissertations and theses. The archival
copy of all University of Hawaiÿi Press publications, regardless of subject, is housed in
the University Archives.
Pacific Collection: The Hawaiian Collection does not acquire monographs and reports
on the Pacific Islands that contain only a section or chapter on Hawaiÿi, or materials on
Pacific Islands peoples. These materials are acquired by and kept in the Pacific
Asia Collection: The Hawaiian Collection acquires materials about Hawaiÿi in Asian
languages, most of which are currently in Japanese. The Hawaiian Collection acquires
materials about peoples of Asian ancestry who live in Hawaiÿi, but does not acquire
background material about their countries of origin.
Business Humanities and Social Sciences Department (BHSD), Science and
Technology Department (Sci-Tech), Music Collection: The Hawaiian Collection
selectively purchases titles about Hawaiÿi for the BHSD, Sci-Tech and Music circulating
collections, and after consultation, for their reference collections. These materials
duplicate heavily used materials in the Hawaiian Collection.
Map Collection: The Hawaiian Collection selects and purchases maps of Hawaiÿi, which
are housed in the Map Collection.
United States Government Documents Collection: The Government Documents
Collection holds late 19th and 20th Century U.S. government and United Nations
documents on Hawaiÿi that are unique to that collection. The Hawaiian Collection
acquires most modern depository and non-depository U.S. government documents about
Hawaiÿi. These acquisitions duplicate depository materials held in the Government
Documents Collection. The Hawaiian Collection acquires documents about Hawaiÿi from
other national and international agencies. The Hawaiian Collection does not duplicate
U.S. or United Nations compilations of statistical and other data that include Hawaiÿi.
Microform formats of documents (e.g. NTIS, consular reports) generally are not
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