SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources · 73
Most Effective
Google Scholar.
Google Scholar (customized to show UI holdings through SFX and WorldCat Local).
LibGuides and pathfinders created for disciplines and/or courses.
Library subject pages.
Local online subject research guides.
Online library guides (LibGuides).
Primo, our discovery tool.
RSS feeds of new titles lists.
27. Please indicate which reference and instruction services library staff provide to help researchers
use global resources effectively, then select up to three that are most effective. N=67
Used Most Effective
Provide specialized reference service other than at the general reference desk 64 56
Make stand-alone presentations on research tools or resources 58 19
Conduct library workshops for students and faculty 55 27
Offer guest lectures in courses taught by librarians or faculty 54 33
Participate in general reference service at assigned hours 53 7
Use mobile reference services (Texting, Instant Messaging) 40 4
Teach credit-bearing courses 19 6
Other 12 2
Number of Responses 67 59
Please describe the other reference and instruction service. N=15
Answer emailed reference questions.
Area Studies librarians do not serve on general reference desks most do not perform general virtual reference. We
provide in-person and virtual reference within our specialized areas. The librarians who cover Western Europe are in a
more general public service unit and they do provide general reference.
Arrange participation in content-based webinars.
Emails to faculty about new resources and visits to department meetings.
Embedded librarian services.
German Studies: For my area, primarily scheduled appointments for one-on-one consultation and responding to email
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