56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We use same process and methods as for other resources.
Working with students on their research projects.
18. Please indicate which strategies are used at your library for acquiring global resources, then select
up to three of the strategies that are used most often. N=68
Used Most Often Used
Direct contact with foreign vendors (title-by-title selection) 60 46
Approval plans 59 46
Gifts in kind 53 11
Gift/Exchange agreements 42 6
Acquisitions trips by librarian 40 4
Library of Congress Cooperative Acquisitions Programs 35 16
Patron-driven acquisition 35 12
Attend international book fairs 33 4
Partnerships with libraries internationally 25
Other acquisition strategy 16 5
Number of Responses 68 58
Please briefly describe your library’s “Other acquisition strategy” for global resources. N=19
Acquire materials through CRL.
Center for Research Libraries membership. International interlibrary loan services. Note: Asian Library does not have
approval plans. LC Cooperative Acquisitions: Indonesia.
CRL shared-purchase program and reimburse faculty who purchase materials for library when they are abroad.
Faculty doing fieldwork can be advanced funds to purchase material not available through vendors. Materials on exhibit
at professional/society meetings have been evaluated and, in a few cases, given to the Libraries. Although we consider
patron-driven acquisition important overall, requests for material published beyond the US and Canada are still a small
Faculty requests.
Faculty trip abroad to buy materials.
Jewish Studies Icelandic and Old Norse Studies Dante/Petrarch Studies Middle East Studies: Firm ordering, in part
through use of online catalogues overseas for reference and publisher websites.
Taking advantage of special opportunities for funding, new faculty interests, or potential gifts.
Teaching faculty acquisition trips to Asia and Middle East.
The NU Program of African Studies has a summer grant award program for graduate students to spend up to three
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