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Romani Studies
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Romani Links
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"Studii Romani"
Romani Links
RADOC -The Romani Archives
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Gypsies: The Outsiders
The Plight of the Roma
Destination: Gypsy Europe
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Romani Studies Articles
Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe: Poverty, Ethnic Mobilization and the Neoliberal
Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe: Poverty, Ethnic Mobilization and the Neoliberal
Order, Nando Sigona and Nidhi Trehan (eds). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 309 pp.
us$9o/£52, ISBN 978-0-230-51662-5 (hbk). Reviewed by Aidan McGarry This timely and
comprehensive edited volume by Sigona and
Publication: Romani Studies
Back where they belong: Gypsies, kidnapping and assimilation in Victorian children's
Examples of Victorian children's literature are examined to consider the recycling of the
'Gypsy' child-stealing myth, with attention drawn to common features of the stories as an
indicator of the narratives' cultural function. Fictions about the adoption and conversion of
Gypsy children are read
Publication: Romani Studies
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Romani Studies Links
Romani Studies
Patrin Web Journal
Romani Culture and History
The Svinia Project
Periodicals Which Regularly Publish Articles About Roma
from the Open Society Institute
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Featured Database
The Romanies Digital Collection at the University of Florida Libraries
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