SPEC Kit 324: Collecting Global Resources  · 35
About the Same
Arctic Studies.
Byzantine and Modern Greece Studies.
Caribbean Studies.
Classical Studies.
Earth Sciences.
Icelandic and Old Norse Studies; Dante, Petrarch Studies.
International Development.
International perspectives: indigenous peoples.
Medieval studies.
Melanesian Collection.
Pacific Island Studies.
Note: several funds were given budget increases to be able to acquire the resources needed for these world areas; for
the areas checked with ‘less’ we note that our flat budget was not able to keep up with price increases/inflation.
7. Please estimate the percentage of electronic (digital and digitized) materials in your library’s global
collections. N=52
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
0 63 14.12 9 15.88
Percentage Responses
0 1
1–4 7
5–9 18
10–14 9
15–19 5
20–24 2
25+ 10
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