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25 Figure for 2005 06 was incomplete.
27 Figure for 2005 06 was misreported.
Includes the Law, Medicine, Social Work libraries and the libraries under Central Administration (Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry,
Earth Sciences, East Asian, Math, Music).
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 4,116,242. Includes 334,206 electronic books.
2 Includes 1,762 electronic books from Safari.
19 Includes $1,924,942 in fringe benefits that are included in the library budget.
31 Figures unavailable for law Library.
32 Figures unavailable for Medical Library.
All figures are as of 04/30/2007.
1 Includes 2,017,312 print volumes and 206,970 e books.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,055,131. Previously reported 2005/06 total excluded e books number adjusted to include
2,008,232 print volumes and 46,899 e books.
1bi Includes 28,893 print volumes and 160,071 e books.
2 Includes 159,283 e books.
4 Serial counts are subscriptions title counts not available de duped counts not available.
4bii Included in 4.a.ii
12 Audio collection weeded in 2006-07.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,142,933 (15b) $4,492,895 (15c) $652,062 (15d) $423,911 (15) $6,711,801
(16) $59,700 (17a) $2,645,566 (17b) $3,693,392 (17c) $785,991 (17) $7,124,949 (19) $1,672,863 (20) $15,569,313 (21) $652,062 (22)
$3,289,834 (23a) $21,906 (23b) $0 (24) $778,795 (25) $38,698.
15a Some e books expenditures included in other lines.
15b The significant decrease over 2005-06 relates to a ledger adjustment carried forward from 2005-06.
15c Increase over previous year relates to one time funding for backfile purchases.
15d Includes bibliographic utilities, taxes, ILL/DD, shipping, evaluations, e reserves.
17 Salary and personnel figures are current to April 30, 2007.
19 Decrease from previous year relates to extraordinary one time project funding in 2005-06.
27 Davis Attendant Desk closed in 2006-07.
All figures are as of 09/30/2007.
Includes the Reuther Archives of Labor and Urban affairs, the Shiffman Medical library, and the Neef Law Library.
The Medical and Law library statistics cannot be disaggregated from the main statistics because the Medical and Law collections are
an integral part of the main library.
4 Provided detailed information on method for counting serials. For more information see:
9 Estimated.
19 The decrease from 2005-06 is comprised of two major components. First, an error was discovered in the accumulation of Other
Operating Expenditures for 2005-06. The corrected total for 2005-06 is $2,405,755. Secondly, the university, in response to
unanticipated cuts in state funding implemented a budget reduction and cost containment program that froze spending for all but
critical needs for the last quarter of 2006-07. Over $500,000 of routine library expenditures were deferred as a result.
20 The corrected total for 2005-06 Total Library Expenditures is $19,099,776.
30 The reported number of participants in 2005 06 should have been 12,908.
36 Includes Ed.D. degrees.
All figures are as of 04/30/2007.
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