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13 Video/DVD count includes an increase of 5,835 due to a more precise online count.
15 Increase in serial expenditures and decrease in “other” expenditures reflects in part the fact that more special format serial
expenditures were included in serials expenditures. Expenditures for integrating resources were included in monographic
15d Shipping costs only. Memberships for the purposes of publications not broken out.
17a For libraries other than Law, includes expenditures for librarians and archivists only. For Law, includes expenditures for librarians
and “exempt” staff.
22 Includes an estimate for amount spent on electronic subscriptions for large publishers providing both print and electronic whose
online payment records are coded as print only.
26 Does not include staff in positions that were temporarily vacant. Includes professional, support and student staff on grants and
26a For libraries other than Law, includes librarians and archivists only. For Law, includes librarians and “exempt” staff.
28 Part of one library remains open between 2 and 8 a.m., Sunday Thursday, staffed by library paid security staff. (Adds 27.5 hours to
this figure.) Study space and computer lab available.
29 Includes a few in office outreach/instruction sessions for individuals.
31 In 2006-07, CUL implemented a locally developed system, in which staff at all public services desks recorded their statistics during
12 sample weeks this total was extrapolated from those data. Because this methodology is new, some inaccuracies or errors exist
the data quality will improve as the system and method mature.
32 Includes ILL and some staff transactions.
40,42 Employee degree only.
Includes: Baker (including Cook collection), Feldberg, Kresge, Paddock, Rauner, Sherman and remote Storage collections and
Biomedical libraries (Dana and Matthews Fuller) which are reported in Biomedical survey.
1 Includes 182,049 e books collections were named in 2005-06 this is for entire system, cannot split out BioMedical.
1bii Includes a net increase of 3,321 digital monographs. This figure is much lower than 2005-06 because all digital monographs were
added to this number starting in 2005-06, so 2005-06 was an unusually high number.
2 This is an approximation payment lines are used as proxy for volumes for mono series/MPIs.
4 Serials count has dropped in part because of new methodology with 2006-07 2,631 duplicates were identified by means of ISSN.
4ai Includes 15,690 brief records in Serials Solutions that were deleted and (mostly) reloaded after July 1 multiple times have no way
to include in de-duping process, or to determine which might apply to BioMedical. It was difficult to change counting methodology
long after end of fiscal year. Includes ceased titles. See also footnote under BioMedical 4.a.i.
23a We continue to opt out of this question, feeling it is too poorly defined to provide a meaningful basis of comparison between
42 Part time enrollment in the graduate and professional schools fluctuates due to variations in applications and available slots in the
2 E-books are included here in, but were not included in statistics reported in previous years.
8 High increase due to loading bibliographic records for electronic access to Early English Books Online, Eighteenth Century
Collections online and Early American Imprints.
9 Excludes the University Archives which is not administered by the Library.
15c-15d Increase due to major acquisition of electronic content.
32 Library automated system does not differentiate between initial loans and renewals.
Includes the Main Library, Health Sciences Library and the Law Library. There are 8 branch libraries also included in the ARL
Statistics: Biological and Environmental Sciences Library, Divinity School Library, Ford Library, Lilly Library, Marine Lab Library,
Music Library, Special Collections Library, Vesic Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 5,785,496. The change from 5,665,241 to 5,785,496 is the result of a one time download of
e-book MARC records into the catalog of 120,255 monographic titles.
1b Increase due to the Divinity School library withdrawing more books from its collection in 2006-07 and the Law Library reducing its
collection to prepare for reduced shelving space in a renovated library.
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