122 · ARL Statistics 2006–2007
4 About 26% of our U.S. Government Documents electronic serials and 22% of our other electronic serials are known to be ceased
titles. About 91% of our U.S. Government Documents electronic serials and 16% of our other electronic serials lack ISSNs. About
21% of our print serials (excluding government documents) lack ISSNs.
4a Increase due to more thorough counts of electronic serials using new instructions for example, full text e serials found in aggregator
databases were included in this survey, but not in the 2005 06 survey.
4b Increase due to more thorough counting of electronic serials using new instructions.
4bi 78% are U.S. government documents.
4bii 34% are U.S. government documents.
8 Decrease due to weeding project.
15d Technical services $94,796 memberships $24,112 IngentaConnect Intouch alerting service $982 document delivery $89.
19 Decrease reflects impact of university budget cut for 2006-07 $100,000 in funding shifted from this category to salaries and wages to
cover minimum wage increase for student workers $94,796 technical services costs (OCLC etc.) shifted from this category to library
materials expenditures beginning with 2006-07 $465,000 fund balance earmarked for equipment and furniture purchases carried
forward to 2007-08.
Included: Architecture Biological Sciences/Pharmacy Business Cartoon Research Children’s Hospital Fine Arts Food,
Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Geology Health Sciences Journalism Law Music/Dance Science and Engineering
Sullivant Theatre Research Institute University Archives and Veterinary Medicine libraries.
Excluded: Agricultural Technical Institute Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center Regional Campus Libraries at
Lima, Mansfield, Marion, and Newark.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 6,208,901. Increased by 28,157 over prior year due to error in counting electronic books and
the addition of records in 2006-07 for the English Poetry collection purchased in a prior year.
2 Includes 376 purchased e books: Oxford Reference:149 ACLS: 126 ABC CLIO: 32 individual purchases: 71.
12 Figure includes audio, film, and video collection from main library they cannot be separated.
24 Major expenditure for new equipment to move into temporary facility during renovation of main library.
1b Increased purchase of e book collections.
1bii Decrease due to a major weeding project in 2005-06.
4a-4bii Serials statistics are reported as de duped in the main publication for all libraries.
15b-15d Change in reporting methods and increased material budget.
23a Decrease due to change in memberships.
24 Increased the number of computer/servers.
Includes Oklahoma City, Okmulgee, Tulsa branch campus libraries.
18 Fringe benefits are included.
Includes: Architecture and Allied Arts library, Portland Architecture library, Science library, Math library, Oregon Institute of Marine
Biology, Law library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,848,697. Corrected for e book count.
6 New count by Documents Department.
10 Revised sampling framework for count.
17a 13 non librarian positions considered faculty by the institution are now included here.
13 faculty “officers of administration” now counted as professional staff.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 5,903,383.
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