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1bi Law Library added Making of Modern Law, containing 22,007 e books.
4 Journal titles de duped using ISSN as unique identifier. Titles without ISSNs were excluded entirely in order to eliminate items of a
non serial nature. This has likely excluded some serial records lacking an ISSN, resulting in a possible undercount.
11 Significant increase in graphic items due to donation of major photographic collection (approx. 534,842 items) in 2006 07.
15d Miscellaneous library material expenditures include payments for CRL memberships.
17a Increase in professional salary expenditures due to more filled positions in 2006-07 and availability of funding for raises.
20 Includes $4,102,193 in grants, trust, and other special funds (w/out benefits) excludes $304,109 in expenditures for Triangle
Research Libraries Network from funds contributed by Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina Central universities.
23a Most SOLINET charges delayed to 2007-08, thereby reducing expenditures in this category for 2006-07.
26 Includes 4.35 FTE professional staff on special grant funds no FTE on special projects. Excludes 2.25 FTE paid from funds
contributed by Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina Central universities for support of the Triangle Research Libraries
28 Unique service hours for entire library system =146. Branches are as follows: University Library (AAL =144 Health Sciences
Library =109 Law Library =109.
Includes the following libraries: Design, Natural Resources, Textiles, Veterinary Medical, African-American Cultural Center Reading
Room, and College of Education Media Center.
2 Includes some monographic standing order items paid from serials funds.
15a Some monographic titles are paid from serials funds included in (15b).
15d Includes bibliographic utilities ($177,975) Document delivery ($164,843) and Memberships ($229,729).
Includes the Science and Engineering Library, Math, and Geology Libraries and the Law, Heath Sciences and Schaffner Libraries on
the Chicago campus.
1-3 Includes government documents.
6, 9, 11 Excludes Health Sciences Library.
Includes Hesburgh (Main) Library, Kresge (Law) Library, and the University Archives.
2 The number of e-books included in the total is 2,585.
4 The method for counting serials has been changed from the prior year according to instructions provided by ARL. The libraries
were already reporting a count that was de duplicated by format type, although not by branches. The change in instructions
resulted in an increase in serials titles currently received primarily due to counting individual titles provided by aggregators.
9 This figure represents our entire holdings. It consists primarily of archival records and manuscripts, but it also includes substantial
quantities of printed, microfilm, artifact, audio, visual, film, graphic, and digital materials as well. Our controls over our records are
based primarily on the creator of the records and only secondarily on the types of materials (University Archives).
15a Several large collections were purchased in 2006 07. The value of e books has not been separately determined.
15b Expenditures for electronic materials of a recurring nature have been reclassified from other library materials expenditures to serials
expenditures for 2006 07.
15c Expenditures for electronic materials of a recurring nature have been reclassified to serials expenditures in 2006 07.
15d Miscellaneous materials expenditures consist primarily of memberships for the purpose of obtaining/accessing publications and
literature searching.
22 Reporting dual format materials as primary format electronic rather than print has resulted in an increase in expenditures for
electronic materials. In prior years, the Libraries have reported dual format materials with a primary format of print.
26c Includes students employed from other institutions in the summer.
Includes: Athens (main), Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, and Zanesville libraries, and the College of Osteopathic Medicine
Learning Resource Center.
1 Of the 147,160 e-books added, 136,212 were part of Eighteenth Century Collections Online.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,858,409.
1bii Figure reflects withdrawal of bound periodical volumes now held in digital form.
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