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30 Includes users of online tutorials.
32 HRC does not renew its manuscripts and materials; their use is confined to a reading room.
36 Does not include EdD degrees.
All figures are as of 08/31/2007.
Includes the Sterling C. Evans Library, Annex Library, Medical Sciences Library, Jack Williams Library (Galveston), Architecture
Library, Cushing Memorial Library, West Campus Library, Policy Sciences and Economics Library, TAMU Qatar Library.
1bii-2 New way of counting e books that relies upon mining the database using a computer algorithm rather than relying upon manual
methods of counting.
12 Reflects purchases for pilot iPod program, Smithsonian collection, increased faculty requests, world music recordings, increased
number of audio bestsellers and beginning of WCL Business Audio Books collection.
15a Increase result of additional funding from the Health Sciences Center as well as special one time funds that were allocated for 2006-
15c Increase due to availability of one time funds for this fiscal year.
19 Figure reported in 2005-06 does not reflect expenses incurred by the Medical Sciences Library as well as an annual payment for the
Joint Storage Facility.
21 Increase due to one time purchase of Undergraduate e books.
23b Negotiation of fixed priced contracts resulted in decreased expenses.
25 Decrease result of an error in 2005-06 reporting by the Business Office and a deposit account that was paid for in 2005-06 that was
not repeated in 2006-07.
29-30 Increase reflects success of Libraries’ outreach and instructional programs.
31 Implementation of a computer database to record reference transactions reflects a more accurate count.
32 Reflects better tracking of usage statistics.
40, 42 New flat rate tuition resulted in decrease of part time students.
All figures are as of 08/31/2007.
Includes: Harrington Library TTUHSC/Amarillo, Montes Gallo Library of the Health Sciences TTUHSC/El Paso, Library of the
Health Sciences TTUHSC/Odessa, Preston Smith HSC Library, Architecture Library, Museum Library, Geosciences Library, Vietnam
Archives Library, Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library.
All figures are as of 04/30/2007.
Includes the Main Libraries; Campus and Federated & Affiliated Libraries: Architecture, Astronomy, Business, Chemistry,
Criminology, Dentistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering & Computer Sciences, Fine Art, Industrial Relations, Information Studies
Forum, Innis College, Knox College, Law, Massey, Music, New College, Physics, Inst. of Policy Analysis, Regis College, Royal
Ontario Museum, St. Augustine Seminary, St. Michael’s College, Trinity College, University College, U of T Schools, Victoria
College. Branch Campuses libraries include the U of T Mississauga, and U of T Scarborough. Hospital Libraries: Baycrest,
Bloorview Kids Rehab, Mt. Sinai Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto Rehab.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $8,769,966; (15b) $12,107,732; (15c) $4,548,782; (15d) NA/UA; (15) $25,426,480;
(16) $381,611; (17a) $16,370,271; (17b) $15,850,587; (17c) $3,878,352; (17) $36,099,210; (19) $6,420,671; (20) $68,327,972; (21) $334,484;
(22) $3,584,199; (23a) $1,921,449; (23b) NA/UA; (24) $3,249,535; (25) $51,098.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 10,519,313. Adjusted from 2005 06 ending total due to a recount from Zoology Library.
1bi-1bii The increases in these two answers are the results from the closing of the Zoology Library. Its materials were transferred to the
Gerstein Science Information Centre and Earth Sciences Library.
16 Binding budget was frozen since November 2006.
Included: Turchin Business Library and the Nadine Vorhoff Library for the Newcomb Center for Research on Women.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 3,065,225.
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