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Footnotes to the ARL Statistics, 2006-07
Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data from prior years not previously reported. Numbers in
parentheses refer to columns in Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers. Unless otherwise stated all figures
are as of 06/30/2007.
All figures are as of 09/30/2007.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,796,931 (229,953 e books were not added to historic volume count in 2005-2006).
2 2,424 e books included in monographic volumes purchased.
4 Number increased significantly from 2005 06 due to new definitions. De duplicated using ISSNs. For the paid electronic de
duplicated number, there were 12,253 without ISSNs. For the free electronic de duplicated number, there were 7,816 without ISSNs.
For the paid print number, there were 1,289 without ISSNs.
15d Includes Center for Research Libraries membership.
19 Includes bibliographic utilities, memberships (except CRL), and literature searching.
All figures are as of 03/31/2007.
Includes the Law and Health Sciences Library.
1 Includes e-book titles held as of March 31, 2007.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 6,463,820. Includes 47,566 volumes missing from 2005 06.
1b Includes volumes added in 2005-06 that were missed in the 2005-06 survey.
2 Past figures were inaccurately reported. Precise number of monographs purchased from 2000 01 onward is unavailable all
monographs purchased are included in gross volumes added.
15–25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $7,567,274 (15b) $10,084,885 (15c) 0 (15d) $838,545 (15) $18,490,704 (16)
$104,009 (17a) $6,635,702 (17b) $10,131,592 (17c) $927,589 (17) $17,694,883 (19) $3,880,551 (20) $40,170,147 (21) $1,728,250 (22)
$7,631,975 (23a) NA/UA (23b) NA/UA (24) NA/UA (25) NA/UA.
15c Cannot be disaggregated from monograph expenditures (15a) and serial expenditures (15b).
33 Includes journal loans and excludes reserves.
36 This figure can vary from year to year.
Includes the Science, Engineering and Fine Arts libraries.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 5,666,913. The base volume count for 6/30/2006 was increased by 133,431 due to the purchase
of several large electronic collections.
Includes Polytechnic Campus, Fletcher Library, Downtown Phoenix Campus, and the University Libraries including: Architecture
&Environmental Design Library, Hayden Humanities &Social Science Library, Music Library, Noble Science &Engineering Library
and the Law Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 4,259,210. Increased by 4,491 due to e book MARC record load of additional ebrary titles.
2 E book products with 7,326 titles counted include: Chao Xing Shu Zi Tu Shu Guan (Superstar Digital Library), 1,383 titles Classical
Scores Library, 811 titles Gale Virtual Reference Library, 254 titles Knovel, 1,110 titles Routledge Religion Resource, 30 titles
Safari Tech Books Online, 610 titles Sage E Reference, 63 titles Springer E books Collection, 2,127 titles Stat!Ref Electronic Medical
Library, 51 titles Teatro Espanol del Siglo de Oro, 848 titles. Miscellaneous individual CD ROMs and Internet e books: 39 titles.
4 Provided detailed information on method for counting serials. For more information see:
4ai For electronic purchased titles, 2006-07 totals (65,586 titles) includes 31,525 Law Library titles from three database packages each
counted as only one subscription in previous years: Westlaw 20,617 10,803, Gale LegalTrac 105 titles. Titles were provided
by Serials Solutions, then de-duped by ISSN and unique title.
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