118 · ARL Statistics 2006–2007
11 2005-06 report should have read 243 for McMaster University Libraries and 10 for Health Science Library for a total of 253.
12 2005-06 report should have read 27,998 for McMaster University Libraries and 1,020 for Health Science Library for a total of 29,018.
13 2005-06 report should have read 1,130 for McMaster University Libraries and 1,070 for Health Science Library for a total of 2,200.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $967,882 (15b) $6,113,701 (15c) $652,415 (15d) $213,632 (15) $7,947,630
(16) $72,803 (17a) $2,483,637 (17b) $4,598,074 (17c) $512,199 (17) $7,593,910 (19) $1,611,413 (20) $17,225,756 (21) $757,709 (22)
$5,151,305 (23a) $210,245 (23b) $0 (24) $674,527 (25) $111,373.
17c, 26c Includes casual, temporary, interns and co ops.
Includes the Richter Library (central library), Calder Memorial Library (medical library), Law Library, the Architecture, Business,
Marine, and Music Libraries, and off site storage facility.
1 E book collections include: NetLibrary, Early English Books Online, Gale’s 18th Century Collections Online, Women Writers Project,
Wright American Fiction, Making of the Modern World, Making of Modern Law, Ebrary, Lion, Sabin, Evans, Shaw Shoemaker and
Gale Virtual Library.
1-1bii These figures were reported by the central library (Marine Library).
1a Volumes held, May 31, 2006, reported in 2005-06 was 3,013,867 this number was adjusted to 3,166,675 to reflect the addition of e
book collections totaling 152,808 e books acquired in 2007.
Included in central library statistics (Marine Library).
8 Medical library computer files are included in (13).
13 All audiovisual materials (10 13) and computer files (8) for medical library are reported in (13).
17a Excludes salaries of the University Librarian and directors of the law and medical libraries.
17c Excludes wages for student assistants subsidized by the School of Business Administration.
28 Combined weekly public service hours for all libraries is 122.
31 Reference transactions for architecture library are unavailable. Transactions are based on enumerations in central, business, and
music libraries, sampling in marine and law libraries, and a combination of sampling and enumeration in medical library.
Includes Bentley Historical Library, William L. Clements Library, Law Library, Kresge Business Administration Library, and the
University Library.
Excludes libraries at University of Michigan Dearborn and University of Michigan Flint.
4 This total includes 15,401 uncatalogued electronic serial items, which have not been de duplicated amongst themselves or against
the remaining 56,387 catalogued titles. This latter number breaks down as 28,969 serials which are available electronically and
27,418, which are available in print only. Given the manner in which we record our data, we cannot give these as subcategories of
purchased and not purchased, while still de duplicating on ISSN. The average percentage of catalogued titles without ISSNs, across
the libraries for which we report the data, is roughly 35%.
8 This figure includes 1,000,000 files of titles digitized from our collections in the Michigan Digitization Project.
Includes: Biomedical &Physical Sciences Library Business Library Engineering Library Gull Lake Library International Center
Library Mathematics Library Planning &Design Library Veterinary Medical Center Library.
4 The total de duplicated count for MSU (including Main, Government Documents, and Law) is 72,815 titles. This figure is derived
from a de duplicated count provided by Serials Solutions (from 107,971 total serial holdings, print and electronic). Only titles that
are unique to a single database can be assigned to paid or unpaid titles which are not unique to a single database are reflected in the
de duplicated total of 72,815, but are not included in the sub categories as it is not possible to assign these titles to paid or unpaid at
this time. The de duplicated count of titles present in more than one database is therefore only reflected as part of the aggregate total
of 72,815.
31a Based, in part, on sampling.
Included: Health Sciences Libraries (Biomedical, Veterinary Medicine) and the Law Library.
Excluded: branch campus libraries of Minnesota Duluth, U of Minnesota Crookston, U of Minnesota Morris.
1 Includes 143,000 e books.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 6,744,987. Revised count of materials held in MLAC storage facility.
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