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Includes all University Park Libraries, as well as the Campus Libraries. Campus Library locations are as follows: Abington,
Altoona, Behrend, Berks, Beaver, Capital, Delaware, DuBois, Fayette, Great Valley, Hazelton, Lehigh Valley, Mont Alton,
McKeesport, New Kensington, Schuylkill, Shenango Valley, Wilkes Barre, Worthington Scranton, and York.
Includes the Barco Law Library, and branch campuses in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville. Health Science libraries
include the Falk Library of the Health Sciences, the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Library, the Libraries at UPMC
Shadyside and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.
6 Counted incorrectly in previous year.
Includes the university’s 15 libraries (one large main library and 14 specialized libraries).
15d Expenses for shipping and photo services now allocated to miscellaneous category from “other library materials.”
25 Implementation of RAPID service resulted in reduction of costs for document delivery.
37 In previous years, the numbers reported were for departments adjusted this year to reflect programs.
Includes the library system on the West Lafayette campus, consisting of 11 subject libraries, an undergraduate library, and an
archives and special collections unit.
1 Includes cataloged government documents. Includes e books from ASM Handbooks: 22 CogNet: 451 Credo reference: 200 EEBO:
125,000 ECCO: 150,000 ENGnetBASE: 750 Gale Virtual Reference Library: 90 History e book Project: 1,500 Knovel Online: 1,451
Lecture notes in computer science: 3,710 ASAE: 4 Safari Tech Books Online: 878 Stat! ref: 12 ASAE Textbooks: 5 World Bank e
Library: 1,915 and others, totaling 286,013.
1b Decrease in net volumes added reflects increase in volumes withdrawn due to de selection projects and closure of 2 libraries.
1bii Increase in volumes withdrawn is due to de selection projects and closure of 2 libraries.
2 Represents number of titles rather than volumes. Excludes e books and materials purchased on sponsored research programs.
Decrease from 2005-06 reflects internal change in reporting to accurately reflect number of monographs purchased rather than
monographs added to the collection.
4 Excludes some numbered monograph series. Includes cataloged depository, exchange, and gift serials, and electronic journals
purchased through statewide consortium.
4a Increase from 2005-06 reflects increased emphasis on purchasing e serials and packages. Titles were de-duped as indicated by
4b Includes cataloged depository, exchange, and gift serials and electronic journals purchased through statewide consortium. Decrease
from 2005 06 reflects change in instructions regarding de-duping.
15 Decrease from 2005-06 reflects a significant purchase of digital backfiles during 2005-06 and advance payment of invoices for 2006-
07 at the end of 2005-06.
15a Decrease in expenditures reflects change in reporting to more accurately reflect monograph expenditures.
15c Represents bibliographic and full text databases for which expenditures can be tracked separately. Expenditures for other databases,
and for materials such as maps and audiovisuals, are included in those for monographs (15a) and serials (15b), and cannot be
18 Fringe benefits are included.
22 Includes expenditures for bibliographic and full text databases (15c), plus electronic journals.
25 Includes $76,474 of expenditures recovered by fee based service.
26a Reflects addition of visiting faculty positions, including 4 diversity fellows.
29-30 Excludes use of online, interactive tutorial, “CORE.”
31 Includes 2,375 reference transactions via digital reference service.
33 Decrease in total circulations reflects drop in renewals.
34 Decrease from 31,666 in 2005 06 reflects closure of fee based information services on 11/1/06.
Includes Stauffer, Douglas, Jordan and Education libraries.
(36 37) and (39 42) as of November 2006. (38) as of October 2006. (4), (23) and (24) contain the data for the entire library system (all
branch libraries included) as we cannot track this data separately.
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