108 · ARL Statistics 2006–2007
4 Change due to evolving ARL counting methodology.
17c Increased expenditures attributable to special projects, staff absences, increase in minimum wage.
42 Not considered abnormal growth in part time student population.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,714,794. Includes 109,791 e books that were added in 2006 07.
1b Excludes 109,791 e books that were added in 2006 07.
21-25 Figures represent the entire library system.
28 For 2005-06, the weekly hours should have been 97.
Includes the Science Library, Media Library, Music Library, and Palm Desert Graduate Center.
4 Increase from 2005-06 due to the following factors: the addition of new shared electronic titles, better reporting methods, and
comprehensively entering into our serials holdings for the first time serial titles received and not purchased.
Includes: the Arts Libraries, the Center for Library &Computing Services, the International Relations &Pacific Studies Library, the
Mandeville Special Collections Library, the Science and Engineering Library, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library, the
Social Sciences &Humanities Library.
E book figures are not divided into General and Health Sciences but are all reported on the General Survey.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 3,279,739. Revised to include 142,804 e-books not included in 2005 06 volume count.
1b Includes e-books which were not previously included in 2005-06 volume count.
1bi Includes 66,255 e-books added during year 2006 07. E-books not included in the 2005-06 volumes added figure.
1bii Includes 19,245 e-books withdrawn in 2006 07. E-books not included in 2005-06 withdrawn count.
4 Totals here represent only “unique” titles completely de-duped across both formats and purchase type and also de-duped between
the General and Health Sciences libraries (reported on separate ARL worksheets, but only de-duped amounts are being reported for
4aii Includes monographic series if series title is received in standing order.
15b Includes monographic series received on standing order.
15c Includes backfiles and non continuing serials. Expenditure amounts for maps and audiovisual materials included in (15a) and (15b).
23b This figure is a prorated estimate: Percentage of the total library expenditure (15b. for both the main and Health Sciences) multiplied
by CDL support figure.
28 111 hours during a typical week extends to 168 hours during finals week each quarter when we do have a staffed library open 24/7.
31 Includes 2,153 virtual reference transactions.
Includes the Harris Library, and the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Library.
2 Includes 118,500 titles from Early English Books Online (EEBO).
15d Miscellaneous expenditures include memberships: CNI (2 years) ICPSR OhioLINK SPARC ARL CLIR Theses microfilming.
1b The numbers of hardcopy deposits vary from year to year. Additionally as more institutions go to electronic dissertations, the
number of hardcopy dissertation volumes added to the collection decreases.
1 Includes 332,147 electronic monographs.
2 Includes 29,583 electronic monographs: 9,017 Springer e books, 17,000 Arab Israeli Relations, 450 Testaments to the Holocaust.
4 Reflects changes in ARL definitions, for example current serials received as part of aggregated databases which were not included
here in previous years.
8-13 Excludes unprocessed and partially processed items.
Reflects a decrease in purchase of electronic backsets.
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