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2 Count is monograph orders, not actual volumes purchased.
4 Provided detailed information on method for counting serials. For more information see:
11 Breakdown by media not available. Total AV items =863,995.
26 Count is actual FTE for filled positions. Vacant positions are not counted.
30a Some counts submitted by some units are estimates.
41-42 Graduate student counts include all post baccalaureate students (graduate and professional).
Included: Health Sciences library, Vet Med library, Math library, Geology library, Engineering library, Journalism library, Newspaper
library, Archives, and Library Depository.
Excluded: the Law Library.
We have had several meetings and problems in actually identifying the “real” number of serials. This is our best estimate/count at
this time.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 3,397,175.
4 This data, 2006-07, based on an extensive hand count of all serials currently received, and by the categories requested by ARL, as
performed by our Acquisitions Dept during the month of January 2008.
15b Of this $6,302,220, $2,230,000 is from the University-wide systems office for the four campus system. MU has over 50% of the
students, but we use all of these journals.
17a Estimated Library Systems Office with a 2% increase over 2005-06 @66% of total: $192,903.
17b Estimate Library Systems office at 2% over 2005-06 @50% =$48,620.
19 Library Systems Office @50% for Online Cataloging system (III): $408,703.
22 $2,230,000 from 4 campus Library Systems Office, and $2,908,338 from MU Libraries serials.
25 Informed that this large drop, vis-à-vis previous year is due to Elsevier ScienceDirect contract. In other words, some of this now
covered under that contract and cannot be broken out.
Includes all divisions and branches of the MIT Libraries.
As noted on (4), (21), and (22): 2005-06 counting methodology was used.
4 We have used the 2005-06 methodology for these calculations.
15c Electronic journal backfiles which we expense from serials funds.
15d Includes postage and service charges which we expense from serials funds.
18 Fringe benefits are included.
19 2005-06 corrected figure: $2,399,107.
20 2005-06 corrected figure: $22,123,477.
21-22 We have used 2005-06 methodology.
34-35 Substantial increase over 2005-06.
38 Methodology has changed since 2005-06, hence the marked reduction in this number.
Excluded: HEC Montréal École Polytechnique de Montréal Law Library Health Library.
1,2 Springer e books: 2,466.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $2,372,723 (15b) $9,341,100 (15c) $135,055 (15d) $78,313 (15) $11,927,191 (16)
$151,618 (17a) $7,387,905 (17b) $10,406,563 (17c) $170,811 (17) $17,965,279 (19) $1,834,463 (20) $31,878,551 (21) $157,748 (22)
$5,762,766 (23a) $188,580 (23b) NA/UA (24) $627,527 (25) $197,540.
24 Special project: migration to Sirsi’s Unicorn.
All figures are as of 09/30/2007.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,417,888.
1bii The figure reflects an active weeding program.
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