126 · ARL Statistics 2006–2007
4 The increased figures are mainly the result of an increase in electronic serials, and improved gathering methodology.
4ai, 4bi This number includes all electronic serial counts. None have been reported on the separate HSL or Law reports.
4bii Not able to de-dupe yet. Assume 10% duplication.
30 In addition to group presentations, 4,532 students completed the Library Skills Workbook.
32-33 Numbers reported are more accurate than in past years due to the implementation of a new online system.
Includes the Astronomy Library, Math Library, Physics Library, Chemistry Library, Marine Sciences Information Center, Music
Library, Science and Technology Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,228,821.
15 Includes research and foundation funds and NYS Coordinated Collection Development Grant ($91,402).
15d Includes bibliographic utilities ($326,030), ILL and document delivery ($25,321), freight ($41,205), and off site storage ($46,906).
16 Includes funds from NYS Preservation Grant ($8,909).
38 Figure includes Main Campus and Health Sciences Center faculty.
25 We are able to determine actual costs of document delivery separate from other interlibrary loan costs associated with bibliographic
39-42 2005 06 figures revised to: (39) 16,044 (40) 2,690 (41) 3,916 (42) 1,913.
Includes: (on main campus) Science, Engineering &Architecture Library (SEAL), Charles L. Blockson Afro American Collection. On
branch campuses: Ambler Library, Tyler School of Art Library, Harrisburg Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 3,072,111. Number revised to include the following records added: another portion of our
Arabic collection.
26b Includes security guard for main library, funded by university budget.
26c Decreased number due to closure of 5 departmental libraries, and reduction in number of student hours at several other service
27 Decrease was due to the closure of 5 departmental libraries.
Includes the Health Sciences libraries, which consists of the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library, Memphis the Preston
Medical Library and the Knoxville part of College of Medicine in Memphis. Includes the Law library and the reporting for Main
contains the University Libraries, Knoxville and UT Space Institute, Tullahoma.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 3,183,181.
4 Provided detailed information on method for counting serials. For more information see: http://libraryassessment.info/?cat=28.
4a Main Titles Purchased: Electronic 20,909 (of original 20,974) (4a.i), Print 3,977 (of original 4,114) (4a.ii), Total 24,886 (of original
25,088) (4a).
4b Main Titles Not Purchased: Electronic 9393 (of 9558) (4b.i), Print 6974 (of 6975) (4b.ii), Total 16367 (of 16533) (4b).
15 In prior years, the expenditures for Miscellaneous (15d) were attributed to Serial expenditures (15b), thus inflating the total Serial
expenditures. This year we were able to better define our Miscellaneous expenditures. Because of this, our serial expenditures have
decreased somewhat from 2005–2006.
All figures are as of 08/31/2007.
Includes the University of Texas at Austin Libraries, the Center for American History, the Tarlton Law Library, and the Humanities
Research Center.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 9,228,465. Adjusted by 206,102 volumes to include e book sets for ARTFL, CIAO, EBL, Ebrary,
Gerritsen, Humanities E-books, LION, Making of America, Making of Modern Law, netLibrary, OECD, Oxford Reference Books
Online, Sabin Americana, and World Bank eLibrary.
4 Provided detailed information on method for counting serials. For more information see: http://libraryassessment.info/?cat=28.
15 Includes total expenditures for library materials of $13,396,520 by the University Libraries, $1,505,540 by the Tarlton Law Library,
$2,885,675 by the Humanities Research Center, and $59,289 by the Center for American History.
17c Includes federal work study funds.
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