23.b Figure for University Library for 2004-05 revised to $660,972.
26.c For the University Library, student figures include part-time wage and temp workers; student FTE is an extrapolated
15.c Expenditures are included in (15a) and (15b).
Changes in University of Washington statistics for 2005-06 also reflect addition of UW-Bothell and UW-Tacoma for
the first time.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 7,011,833 to include 228,004 e-books added in 2005-06.
24, 25 Figures available only for Law Library and Medical Library.
26.a Includes librarians and "professional staff" category.
26.b No longer includes anyone from the "professional staff" category.
36 2004-05 figure revised to 530.
1.b.i Decrease due to 2004-05 figure counting e-books for the first time.
10 Increase due to counting regional campus holdings for the first time.
31 Estimate based in part on 2004-05 data.
32, 33 Increase due in part to disproportionately large increases at regional campuses.
34, 35 Method of counting ILL transactions is not uniform across campuses.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,891,802 to include 197,298 e-books not previously reported.
1.b.i Includes 793 e-books.
4.a Decrease represents continuation of project to cancel some journals in print that are also received electronically.
11 Reflects acquisition of new collection containing 48,480 photographs.
13 Represents acquisition of Bill Miles Collection of 20,254 film and video.
15.a Includes expenditures for electronic monographs previously reported under Miscellaneous (15d) and other library
materials (15c).
15.d Able to allocate larger number of expenditures to monographs, serials and databases than in previous years, thus a
decrease in charges previously posted as miscellaneous.
18 Fringes appear as Other Operating Expenditures (19) because they are included in the library budget.
19 Includes figures for utilities and rent, building a moritization for the renovation (which will be in budget for next 30
years) and fringes that are part of the library budget.
1.b Figure reflects weeding and database clean-up projects undertaken in 2005-06.
2 Excludes e-books.
4 Includes 6,607 from print and microform; 13,917 from electronic.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,265,684; (15b) $5,279,990; (15c) $299,449; (15d) $342,392; (15)
$7,187,515; (16) $73,241; (17a) $2,470,442; (17b) $3,746,203; (17c) $761,599; (17) $6,978,244; (19) $3,016,136; (20)
$17,255,136; (21) $19,093; (22) $4,077,983; (23a) $0; (23b) $0; (24) $272,550; (25) $92,186.
15.c Decrease relates to extraordinary one-time funding for electronic backfile purchases in 2004-05.
17 Salary and personnel figures are as of April 30, 2006.
19 Includes Gifts & Endowments, which were not reported in previous years.
29, 30 Decrease in number of sessions, with significant increase in number of participants, is related to more focused
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