15.d Includes: Bibliographic utilities ($74,936); document delivery ($3,211); and memberships ($51,315).
21 2004-05 figures revised to: (21) $33,426; (22) $2,098,551.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 6,117,141 to agree with the item record count in the online system, and to
include 136,436 ECCO titles paid for over a 3 year period that were added to the catalog in 2005-06. Volume counts
for libraries added this year are 37,434 for the additional campus libraries and 279,000 for the branch campus
2 Includes 732 microfilm and 4,211 microfiche.
7 Cataloging has been completed for all printed U.S. Government Documents; only State of Ohio documents remain
12 Audio, film, and video are included in a single category in the OSU catalog. 2004-05 figure should be revised to
27 The Thompson (Main) Library had a number of separate service points that have been eliminated and will not be
included in the renovated library.
31 Switched from manual to online data gathering, and the results did not accurately reflect the reference activity, so the
figure has been made unavailable.
32 Includes libraries as identified above (totals for branch campuses: (32) 35,011; (33) 102,770).
34 Includes OhioLINK direct loans: (34) 46,098; (35) 70,997.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 4,855,285 to reflect the inclusion of Schusterman Librqary.
1.b.i Increased acquisition of e-books as incorporated into collection development policies.
1.b.ii Conducted a de-selection project.
4 Increased acquisitions of electronic serials.
7 Increased acquisitions of depository items.
15.d Figure reflects changes in internal accounting practices.
17.b Figure reflects a change in method of reporting Professional Staff.
21 Increased desiderata purchases.
23.a 2004-05 figure did not include payments from deposit accounts. Deposit accounts no longer utilized.
29 Law Librarians began teaching a required, semester-long 1 credit hour course on legal research to the entire first-year
law student body.
34 Began participating in Rapid ILL.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,756,575 to include 98,046 records loaded for ECCO.
2 Excluded 98,046 titles in ECCO.
9 Figure is in linear feet.
10 Corrected from 2004-05, based on new inventory.
15 Excludes $325,000 delayed payment.
15.a Includes $52,950 for first of 4 payments for ECCO.
15.b $325,000 payment was delayed and not included here, which will skew numbers for both 2005-06 and 2006-07.
15.c Included in (15a) and (15b).
21 Figure reflects ECCO (1st of 4 payments) and JSTOR III.
22 Does not include $325,000 payment delayed until 2006-07. This will skew numbers for both 2005-06 and 2006-07.
24 Excludes library expenses to support campus Blackboard system and campus classroom equipment expenses.
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