Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data from prior years not previously reported. Numbers in parentheses refer to columns in
Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,518,200 due to a mistake from the Map Library in 2004-05.
15.d Includes the Center for Research Libraries membership.
19 Includes bibliographic utilities, memberships (except CRL), and literature searching.
21 Includes purchase of e-books and 1x full-text collections; increase due to purchase of several major 1x full-text
collections (e.g., Eighteenth Century Collections Online).
22 Increase due to continued moving of print plus electronic to electronic-only subscriptions.
All figures are as of March 31, 2006.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $6,350,436; (15b) $9,875,546; (15c) $0; (15d) $741,146; (15)
$16,967,128; (16) $145,733; (17a) $5,994,083; (17b) $9,130,644; (17c) $933,897; (17) $16,058,624; (19) $2,399,262; (20)
$35,570,747; (21) $980,313; (22) $7,167,069; (23a) UA/NA; (23b) UA/NA; (24) UA/NA; (25) UA/NA.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 5,517,564 to reflect the inclusion of new collections of electronic monographs
not previously cataloged.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 4,178,244 due to the following e-book record loads completed in 2005-06: Early
English Books Online (13,142 additional titles loaded); Ebrary (4,703 additional titles loaded); Knovel (152 additional
titles loaded); MyiLibrary (3,370 titles in new e-book package purchased and loaded in 2005-06); netLibrary (145
additional titles purchased and loaded in 2005-06).
2 Includes the following e-book subscription purchases: Knovel (779 titles), Lippincott Springhouse Nursing Collection
(12 titles), Lippincott Clinical Choice Collection (42 titles), MIT CogNet (447 titles), netLibrary (20 additional
individual titles purchased), Safari Tech Books Online (603 titles), SourceOECD (Books) (2,554 volumes), Stanford
Encyclopedia of Philosophy (1 title), Stat!Ref Electronic Medical Library (31 titles), Teatro Espanol del Siglo de Oro
(848 plays), Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers & Periodicals 1800-1900, Series 2 (20 volumes), and Zaha
Hadid: Works (Planet Architecture Series) (1 title).
15.d Includes: Conservation/Preservation ($14,604), Memberships ($101,003), ILL/Document Delivery ($34,684), and
uncataloged monographs purchased for staff use ($717).
All figures are as of September 30, 2006. Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,955,859.
1.b Several retrospective conversion projects were completed.
2 Decrease due to approval vendors supplying fewer volumes.
4b Decrease due to a large drop in government document serials.
7 2004-05 figure was incorrect.
12 Includes additional titles added from Naxos.
15.b Includes serial databases that were counted in 2004-05 as Other Library Materials (15c).
37 Four (4) new Ph.D. fields were added.
41 2004-05 figure was incorrectly computed and should be revised to 1,560.
23.b Includes the Theology Library only.
30.a Mugar figure is based on sampling (4,865), Theology and Special Collections data not based on sampling.
31.a Mugar and Special Collections data were not based on sampling, the Theology figure (425) was.
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