24 No figure reported for Main Library in 2005-06.
31 MSRC did not report any figure in 2005-06.
32 More reliable record-keeping system used in 2005-06.
33 Figure reflects renewals; more reliable record-keeping system used in 2005-06.
34, 35 Increased access to full-text databases.
1.b Excludes electronic titles (according to records, no permanently owned volumes were added/withdrawn),
PromptCat titles (shelf-ready), government documents processed by that department, and Special Collections
cataloging not performed through the catalog department.
12 Excludes videocassettes.
13 Does not include 16mm films (non-circulating).
15.d Figure reflects expenditures for standing orders.
17 Includes both Richard J. Daley Library and LHS. Separate figures unavailable.
21, 23a-
b, 25
Figures cannot be separated from (15).
24 Figure cannot be separated from data in (15) and (19).
35 Figures unavailable for all institutions with whom UIC has reciprocal borrowing privileges.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 10,371,460.
4.a Change in this figure results from change in reporting method from physical to bibliographic data pulled from the
ILS system.
16 Decrease results from transfer of expenditures to contract conservation budget.
21 2004-05 figure included large purchases of periodical backfiles and literature collections.
31.a New Reference Portal tracks actual reference transactions.
33 Improved data retrieval detected double-counting of some areas in previous years.
1.b.ii Government publications coming in electronic format supercede older versions of print. The older print volumes are
then withdrawn, causing an increase in this figure.
21 Figure includes a grant from a private foundation for just under $300,000 to purchase serial backfiles.
22 Increase due to purchase of electronic resources only rather than both electronic and print.
27 Due to several reorganizations, a number of service points have been combined or eliminated. Correct data should
have been provided several years ago but due to staff responsibilities they were not.
31 Figure is affected by the week that is counted during the semester; sampling occurs 1 week each semester or 3 times
per year.
32 Figure available for Law Library, but unavailable for Main Library.
38 Does not include 533 clinical and pre-clinical faulty with departmental appointments.
15.c Increase is due to increased purchases of backsets of electronic resources and the recording of certain expenditures in
(15c) rather than (15a).
17a, 19 Salaries increased $150,874, leaving less money for Other Operating Expenditures, causing the changes in these
21 Increase is due to increased purchases of electronic resource backsets.
22 Library increased its Electronic Serials purchases by $2,094,244 in 2005-06.
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