Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,167,580.
1.b The Main Library's count includes 252 e-books purchased (not subscribed to) and cataloged (via MARC tape load).
926 Dewey Decimal and reference items were withdrawn.
4 Number of full-text journals purchased has increased significantly since print and online journals count as print, but
online-only journals count as online. Free journals include 2,868 e-journals linked via SFX plus 179 government
document e-journals.
4.a The Main Library spent $268,303 on one time electronic purchases: several large journal backfiles from Springer and
Elsevier, as well as large one-time monographic type purchases which will be spread out over three years, like Early
English Books Online and North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories. This trend of one-time
electronic purchases is expected to continue and possibly increase.
15.b The law school had some year-end funds, and some 2006-07 subscriptions were paid for at the end of 2004-05 instead
of holding them until 2005-06. Also, inflation was a factor.
15.c In 2004-05 the Law Library purchased some large microform sets; decrease is due to those purchases not being
needed in 2005-06.
19 Increase in 2005-06 is due mainly to the cost of numerous construction and renovation projects.
20 The fee-based Gelman Library Information Service ceased operations on December 31, 2005.
25 Starting in 2005-06, the Main Library began including the costs for Science Direct Doc Delivery.
2, 15.a Increases due to the addition of a branch library.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 4,274,074 to include EBBO volume count added, which was not included in
21 Decrease due to Law Library having fewer one-time purchases.
23.a Decrease due to Law Library having one-time bibliographic purchases in 2004-05.
25 Decrease due to fewer expenses in 2005-06.
25, 35 Increased volume due to greater ILL subsidy.
1.a Collections of electronic books that the Library "owns" but has yet to catalogue and make ready for use are not
included in this figure. One example would be Eighteenth Century Collections Online.
1.b The percentage change from 2004-05 is large but the absolute change is not significant.
4.b Figure reflects the number of free electronic journals available through the Library's Web site.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,214,493; (15b) $3,773,958; (15c) $369,874; (15d) $501,543; (15)
$5,859,868; (16) $32,153; (17a) $2,770,228; (17b) $2,997,448; (17c) $290,926; (17) $6,058,602; (19) $1,322,166; (20)
$13,272,789; (21) $292,322; (22) $3,427,390; (23a) $152,298; (23b) $0; (24) $562,771; (25) $216,104.
19 The decrease in this figure relative to 2004-05 reflects the fact that in 2005-06 the University did not offer a "Voluntary
early retirement and resignation" program.
23.a Marked increase relative to 2004-05 is due to substantial outsourcing of book cataloguing.
25 Increase in figure relative to 2004-05 reflects dramatic growth in the purchase of digital rights to scholarly documents
as part of the Library's "e-learning" operations. The "e-learning" expenditures could not be separated from traditional
DD/ILL expenditures.
29 The increase in number of presentations (relative to 2004-05) is a reflection of the importance given to promoting
information literacy, as well as better record keeping.
36 Number of Ph.D. graduates is for the period October 2005 to September 2006.
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