9 Manuscripts and archives reported in cubic feet.
15.d Includes memberships ($76,462), ILL ($28,883), in-house binding supplies ($26.355), and bibliographic utilities
3 Basis of count for 2,425 volumes is physical.
9 Count for the Sibley Library unavailable.
18 Fringe benefits not included for Sibley Library salaries and wages.
22 Does not include print plus online subscriptions.
24 Sibley Library figure is unavailable.
29.a Sibley Library presentations, 159 based on sampling.
30.a Sibley Library data based on sampling.
32, 33 Includes reserves.
36, 37 Figure reflects Ph.D.s only for entire university. Past counts may have included other doctoral degrees.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 4,164,903 to reflect 4,444 additional volumes withdrawn in 2005-06.
1.b.ii Performed special withdrawal project to remove items from catalog that have been missing from 1997-2004.
10-13 Audiovisual Materials figures cannot be disaggregated. Total audiovisual is 147,362.
23.a Changed method of calculation to more accurately reflect actual annual cost.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $2,549,830; (15b) $6,288,869; (15c) UA/NA; (15d) $189,781; (15)
$9,028,480; (16) $84,069; (17a) $3,348,349; (17b) $3,179,954; (17c) $308,295; (17) $6,836,598; (19) $1,296,175; (20)
$17,245,322; (21) $19,435; (22) $4,566,908; (23a) $68,156; (23b) $0; (24) $585,802; (25) $72,534.
25 2004-05 statistics were unusually high due to late payment.
All figures are as of September 30, 2006.
4 Increase due to a combination of increased subscriptions (via increased funding and targeting new serials
subscriptions as a result of user feedback), and more accurate counting with Serials Solution EMS.
1.b Change reflects 2004-05 bulk upload of a significant number of monographic records from OCLC.
2 Increase reflects the purchase of a large electronic monographic package.
4.b Increase reflects improved counting methods and additional titles in packages of electronic journals.
11 Decrease reflects the weeding of materials in the Curriculum Materials Center.
15.c Includes maps, serials backfiles, spoken word files, manuscripts, films/videos, microforms, music, and software.
15.d Includes bibliographic utilities.
26.a Grant FTE for professional staff is 2.
26.c Grant FTE for student assistants is 1.
33 Change reflects a decrease of traffic in the building due to building renovation.
1.b.i Includes 6,313 e-books.
20 $122,929 of the total represents expenditures from private giving to the Libraries.
33 2004-05 figure revised to 202,009.
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