submitted in past years.
4.b Includes 16,000 electronic titles provided by ELM consortium (Electronic Library for Minnesota) that were not
captured in counts submitted in previous years.
11-13 Breakdown for Audiovisual materials not available. Aggregated A/V materials count for ARL Main Library is
Aggregated A/V materials count for ARL statistics including Health Sciences and Law is 862,627.
15.a Increase is due to $500,000 increase in allocations for monograph purchases.
15.c Increase includes significant purchases of electronic serials backfiles. Also, in 2004-05 not all serial backfile purchases
were included.
17.a Increase due to increases to professional salaries based on market equity study.
21 Increase reflects significant expenditures on electronic and print serial backfiles.
25 Includes expenses for Interlibrary loan borrowing and lending only. Does not include fee-for-service document
delivery service for external users. This was included in 2004-05 and accounts for the apparent decrease. Expenses for
regular ILL services increased slightly.
30.a Some participant numbers reported by some units are estimated.
31 Reference transactions are mainly counts; a few units' figures are estimated.
33 Increase in renewals reflects is due to increased use of online renewal facility.
36 Total includes all doctoral degrees awarded for 2005-06.
Includes Health Sciences and Law academic units.
37 Includes Health Sciences and Law academic units.
38 Full-time primarily instruction non-medical faculty reported in EAP survey. Includes Health Sciences and Law
academic units.
39-42 Includes Health Sciences and Law academic units. Graduate student count includes all post baccalaureate students
4a, 4b Figures based upon best calculations from Acquisitions, LSO, HK counts, and the Open URL resolver.
15.b Includes $773,414 serials paid by system-wide Library Systems Office.
15.c Includes memberships.
17 Excludes $1,459,912 of fringe benefits now paid by the MU Libraries on all full-time salaries.
17.a Includes $198,152 from system-wide Library Systems Office.
19 Includes: Library Systems Office, including from gift funds and lapsed salaries ($143,546); capital building
improvements ($650,651, including $250,000 on a new Information Commons); non-salary development expenditures
22 Includes $773,414 from Library Systems Office.
26.a Includes 4 FTE from Library Systems Office and 3 FTE non-librarian professionals: Head of IT Services, Development
officer, and Personnel coordinator.
26.c Figure computed from dividing total student wages (17c) by average pay of $6.50/hour.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,044,277 in order to correct past miscalculations.
4.a Increase due to an accelerated development of electronic resources.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $2,280,412; (15b) $9,447,540; (15c) $116,604; (15d) $204,484; (15)
$12,049,040; (16) $250,400; (17a) $7,179,974; (17b) $11,841,388; (17c) $100,500; (17) $19,121,862; (19) $1,475,591; (20)
$32,896,893; (21) $442,325; (22) $5,407,195; (23a) $188,140; (23b) $0; (24) $560,483; (25) $174,253.
All figures are as of September 30, 2006. Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,396,472.
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