Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,146,758 to correct a duplication count of a small set of volumes moved from a
closing branch (CMRR) and absorbed into a larger branch (S&E).
2 Total includes 32,030 e-books.
3 The print monographic volume count is physical. The e-book count is bibliographic.
12 2004-05 figure should have been reported as 116,046.
15.a Endowment expenditures were $350,000 less due to late spring allocation.
15.b Includes monographs and publisher series, as well as all formats and electronic databases with annual subscriptions.
15.c Total is lower due to a $107,000 ISI Web of Science purchase in 2004-05.
21 Decrease due to some materials previously included here, now included with Electronic Serials (22).
22 Includes some one-time expenses not included in Computer Files (21).
36 Includes 7 joint doctoral degrees with California State University at San Diego.
1.b.ii Figure reflects a weeding project whereby volumes were removed.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $541,506; (15b) $11,399,733; (15c) $1,489,499; (15d) $93,831; (15)
$13,524,569; (16) UA/NA; (17a) UA/NA; (17b) UA/NA; (17c) UA/NA; (17) $18,987,177; (19) $13,965,431; (20)
$46,477,177; (21) $1,514,073; (22) $1,935,963; (23a) $10,414; (23b) UA/NA; (24) $2,636,236; (25) UA/NA.
27 Figure reflects the front desk only.
15.d Includes expenses for Dialog, CNI membership, ICPSR membership, ARL membership, SPARC membership, CLIR
membership, TEI and theses charges.
John Crerar Library is a central science library with a biomedical collection for health sciences. Many numbers are
percentages as a result. Data for the ARL survey are matched as closely as possible to data compiled and reported for
the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries' (AAHSL) Annual Statistics of Medical School Libraries in the
United States and Canada.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 7,644,714 to include 281,165 electronic monographs, previously unreported.
2 Approximately 72% of this total represents a title count.
8-10, 12,
Excludes unprocessed and partially processed items.
21 Increase represents an emphasis on backfiles and other one-time purchases, and a shift toward the purchase of
packages rather than subscriptions when that option exists.
23.a Includes standard ongoing operating costs only.
23.b Figure is estimated.
35 Includes 433 requests filled by the Center for Research Libraries.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,125,908 to reflect 4,175 volumes added for Government Documents retro-
cataloging and 1,585 subtracted for Government Documents retro-cleanup.
3 Historical data are based on a bibliographic count. Additions and deletions are based on physical count.
5 Electronic government documents are counted, but print are not, unless cataloged in the LC collection.
7 Figure decreases each year due to government document retro-cataloging.
22 Increase due to the way consortial payments were made. There is flexibility to pay on either side of the fiscal year
34 Increase due to OhioLINK and within the community, Cincinnati's priority as lender changed from low to high.
Figure includes the whole university, including the two two-year colleges Raymond Walters College and Clermont
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