25 Includes subsidized pay-per-view. Law ILL expenses cannot be separated out.
26.a Figure now reflects the same list of professional staff as on the salary survey.
26.b Now use same split of OAs into professional and support staff as used in the ARL Annual Salary Survey.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 5,784,556.
15b, 15c Fluctuation due to 2005-06 expenses being categorized differently than in prior years. Several acquisition types
previously reported in (15c) are now being included in (15b).
33 The fluctuation from 2004-05 is due to the use of a new reporting tool, which allowed for increased accuracy.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 4,786,298.
29-31 2005-06 statistics were tracked online.
4 Decrease due to the serials budget remaining constant, while prices of the serials increased.
21, 22 In the past e-journals and electronic non-continuation acquisitions were not tagged, to distinguish between them for
statistical purposes, and the counts reported were guesses at the breakdown. Tagging procedures have since been
amended to provide actual counts for each category.
1-15 Includes cataloged government documents.
2 Represents number of titles rather than volumes. Excludes materials purchased on sponsored research programs.
4a-b Excludes some numbered monographic series.
4.b Includes cataloged depository, exchange, and gift serials, and electronic journals purchased through statewide
15.c Represents bibliographic and full-text databases for which expenditures can be tracked separately. Expenditures for
other database and for materials such as maps and audiovisuals are included in those for monographs (15a) and
serials (15b), and cannot be disaggregated.
22 Includes expenditures for bibliographic and full-text databases in (15c), plus electronic journals.
25 Includes $154,145 of expenditures recovered by fee-based service.
29, 30 Excludes use of online, interactive tutorial, "CORE" (approximately 1,440 account holders plus unregistered users
made 12,206 visits).
31 Includes 3,151 reference transactions via digital reference service.
34 2004-05 figure revised to 23,903 to correct errors in data reported by ILL management software.
All statistics unless otherwise stated are as at April 30, 2006.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,406,799; (15b) $7,110,204; (15c) $134,045; (15d) $514,411; (15)
$9,165,459; (16) $100,335; (17a) $2,668,876; (17b) $4,460,434; (17c) $294,483; (17) $7,423,793; (19) $2,217,879; (20)
$18,907,466; (21) UA/NA; (22) $5,207,820; (23a) $180,303; (23b) $174,479; (24) $103,020; (25) $56,610.
26.a-b Figures are as of November 2005.
Figures are as of November 2005.
38 Figure is as of October 2005.
1.a Includes 23,476 Texshare e-books, 36,434 government document e-books, and 749 non-document e-books.
1.b.i Includes 3,515 government document e-books and 119 non-document e-books.
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