25 ILL for Barnard handled by Columbia University.
26.c Figure is an estimate.
36 Teachers College also awarded 153 Ed.D. degrees.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,597,423 to include 327,747 e-books. Figures for volumes added (1.b) are for
print monographs.
15.b Increased expenditure can be attributed to "spend-down" from Lost Book, Fines and Fees accounts; the dissolution of
an "advance account"; and the transfer of new periodical subscription.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 7,666,969 to reflect additional e-book counts (Early English Books Online, 18th
Century Collections Online, Evans Digital Edition, and NetLibrary), and a small print count correction.
1.b.i Includes a small number of e-books, from the Witchcraft Collection.
4 Includes some unnumbered monographic series. Reflects in part cancellations of print subscriptions for which
electronic access continues, cancellations of duplicate print subscriptions, and other adjustments. Estimate of e-serials
does not exclude non-current titles in packages with current titles.
9 Figure in cubic feet.
15.d Figure reflects shipping costs only.
21, 22 Excludes Health Science Library.
26 Does not include staff in positions that were temporarily vacant. Includes professional, support and student staff on
grants and projects.
28 Part of one library remains open between 2 and 8 a.m., Sunday-Thursday, staffed by library-paid security staff, which
adds 27.5 hours to this figure.
31 Some libraries' counts based on sampling.
32, 33 Includes ILL and some staff transactions.
40, 42 Employee degree only.
1.b.i Not only does the number of hard copy deposits vary from year to year, but the number of institutions who send to
CRL hard copy dissertations decreases as electronic dissertations increase.
17.b Vacant positions have been filled since 2004-05.
35 CRL occasionally borrows materials from other libraries in order to make a preservation microfilm copy of an item
which is out of print. This happened 3 times in 2005-06.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,648,633 to include one-time additions of e-books, including 94,543 e-books
from Early English Books Online.
1.b.i For the first time, includes e-books: Early American imprints (36,307), Early Encounters in NA (146), IEEE Xplore
(3,582), John Wiley (22), Knovel (807), MARCIVE (25,184), MIT Cognet (411), Netlibrary (14,729), Psycbooks (847),
Women Writers Project (188), Miscellaneous (1,962).
4.a Includes 35,680 e-journals.
4.b Includes 3,174 e-journals. Free e-journals are underreported, as there is no consistent way of identifying them. Figure
reflects packages in Serials Solutions identified as free, plus MARCIVE serials.
5 Federal documents are included partially, namely those that were selected for local cataloging and classification. We
purchased MARCIVE records, but did not add all document serials to our subscription count.
23.a We have decided to opt out of this question, feeling it is too poorly defined to provide a meaningful basis of
comparison between libraries.
25 This year the accounting was revised to capture all ILL and document delivery transactions, which have been
consistently underreported in the past.
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