26.c Decrease due to closure of Learning Commons for renovations.
29, 30 Figure reflects inclusion of UBCO campus and outreach programs.
33 Decrease is due to change in ILS system and increase in loan period for graduate students (thus, fewer renewals).
34 Increase is due to change in fee structure (especially from fee to free in some cases).
38-40 Increases are due to the inclusion of the UBCO campus.
Medical library statistics cannot be disaggregated from the main because the medical collection is an integral part of
the Sciences Library.
3 Basis of volume count is both physical and bibliographic since electronic books have been added.
4 Increase based on three factors: (1) purchase of new packages; (2) decision to outsource our e-journal holdings has
required a very thorough review of e-journals, uncovering titles previously missed; (3) tools/data available from
Serials Solutions have made us aware of titles that heretofore we were unaware.
18 Salary expenditures reflect change in reporting for JCB library. 2004-05 figure included both salaries and benefits.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 9,935,596.
4 Figure represents the best available estimate of both physical and electronic serials.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,490,368 due to a recount of items on hand in the Agricultural Research
Economics Library unit.
2 Increase due to a number of titles purchased to augment the Blaisdell Medical Library collection, in anticipation of
medical curriculum moving to the Sacramento campus.
4a-b Increase due to the General Library tracking this item separately for the first time in 2005-06.
15 Overall costs for Library Materials for the Main Library in 2004-05 were $5,247,950 due to prepayments made in 2003-
04. Thus, the increase between years is not as large as it first appears.
15.a New and current academic program needs required an infusion of funds to cover monographs selected by
bibliographers for purchase.
15.b Overall costs for Library Materials for the Main Library and Health Sciences Library in 2004-05 were understated due
to prepayments of $1,042,553 made in 2003-04.
15.d Increase due to a 23% increase in tax paid on monographs, in addition to memberships previously incorrectly
reported in the monograph column.
20 Increase due to new and current academic program needs, an increase in payroll due to new academic and staff hires
made during the reporting period, and systems enhancements.
23.a Actual costs are $108,762, as OCLC was prepaid in the amount of $88,000 for 2006-07.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 2,494,986.
4 Increase due to increased collections and from corrections to 2004-05 data.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 8,088,635.
15.a $934,000 of the increase in monograph expenditures reflects the acquisition of the Isadora Duncan collection in 2005-
23.b 2005-06 amount provided by University of California Digital Library. UCLA amount determined by prorating the
total UC Centrally Financed Database Expenditures by 2005-06 actual enrollment by UC Campus.
24 Increase over 2004-05 due to increase in CLICC (College Library Instructional Computing Commons) computer-
related expenditures of $604,000.
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