1.a, 2 Includes government documents.
15.d Includes payments for CRL membership.
20 Includes $4,102,193 in grants, trust, and other special funds (without benefits); excludes $304,109 in expenditures for
the Triangle Research Libraries Network from funds contributed by Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina
Central Universities.
26 Includes 4.35 professionals on special grant funds; 0 FTE on special projects. Excludes 2.25 FTE paid from funds
contributed by Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina Central universities for support of the Triangle
Research Libraries Network.
37 Figure taken from new source in 2005-06 to reflect strictly Ph.D. programs, resulting in lower figure than in 2004-05.
38 Decrease due to recalculation of data from new source more consistent with ARL definitions. Previous figures did not
exclude all categories set forth in ARL definition.
2 Includes some monographic standing order items paid from serials funds. Includes 2,985 e-books.
15.a-b Some monographic titles are paid from serials funds included in (15b).
15.d Includes bibliographic utilities ($177,285); document delivery ($133,600); and memberships ($218,544).
19 Increases for 2005-06 are due in part to temporary relocations of personnel during construction and purchases related
to a new learning commons.
1-2 Includes government documents.
8, 13 Excludes Health Sciences Library.
11 Excludes Health Sciences and Law Library.
21 Computer file expenditures redefined internally.
31 Health Sciences revised definition of reference transaction.
41 2004-05 figure revised to 6,675.
2 The number of e-books has not been determined.
9 This figure represents the entire holdings. It consists primarily of manuscripts and archival records, but it also
includes substantial quantities of printed, microfilm, audio, visual, film, graphic, digital, and artifactual materials as
well. Controls over records are based primarily on the creator of the records, and only secondarily on the types of
materials. University Archives was not included in prior years.
15.d Consists primarily of memberships for the purpose of obtaining/accessing publications and literature searching.
17a, 26a Figures reflect exempt employees.
17b, 26b Figures reflect non-exempt employees.
38 Increase due to reclassification of people based on a reevaluation of faculty positions for classification in a newly
implemented HR system and for compliance with IPEDS definitions. The greatest number of faculty were
reclassified from non-instructional special research/professional positions to instructional special
research/professional positions. These people were deemed to have met the teaching threshold established by
Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 2,654,701 to include a one-time download of catalog records associated with
the purchase of Early American Imprints, Series I (Evans).
2 Large increase in number of volumes purchased is due to purchases of major e-book collections and an extensive
collection of Southeast Asian materials.
4.a Increase due to error in counting paid subscriptions in 2004-05; subscriptions bundled in packages were inadvertently
counted as single subscriptions.
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