1.b.ii Reflects withdrawing project conducted at Galveston Branch.
2 Figure reflects the purchase of large eMonograph collection.
4.a Figure reflects a change in the counting algorithm used and does not reflect an actual reduction in titles or resources.
In previous years TAMU Libraries relied upon a combination of manual and computerized counts to obtain the
Current Serials Purchased statistic. With the implementation of a new Serials Link Server(SFX) data are computed
entirely through the link server. The result is the statistics will not only be more accurate but more consistent.
4.b Accurate physical count of free serials received through the Acquisitions Department as well as those received
through Government Documents. In previous years this statistic was driven by sampling data.
7 Reflects pre-1976 government documents holdings.
31 Includes use of virtual reference (heavily marketed during 2005-06) and better tracking of reference transactions
through the use of a Web-based tracker.
40 Figure reflects better tracking of this statistic.
All figures are as of August 31, 2006.
15.d HSC figure includes: Amigos ($15,516); Amigos eReserve ($7,205); Amigos FirstSearch ($660); Cybertools ($26,340);
ERIC Online ($1,800); ExamMaster ($2,000); First Consult ($5,000); Gold Rush ($3,600); Images MD ($1,429); Info
POEMS ($6,138); Journal Citation Reports ($4,227); MD Consult ($89,729); Natural Medicines ($1,416); OT Search
($995); OVID ($41,716); RefShare ($583); TexShare ($2,500); Databases/EbBSCO-Dyna Med ($10,000).
1-4 Includes monographic series and government documents.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $8,522,551; (15b) $11,641,324; (15c) $4,780,165; (15d) UA/NA; (15)
$24,944,040; (16) $463,590; (17a) $14,530,423; (17b) $16,157,780; (17c) $3,991,028; (17) $34,679,231; (19) $6,908,106; (20)
$66,994,967; (21) $952,225; (22) $3,618,224; (23a) $1,317,779; (23b) UA/NA; (24) $2,685,719; (25) $43,714.
26.c In 2004-05 the number of casual staff was underreported by 13 and also excluded RCAT. In 2005-06 the number of
casual staff includes RCAT.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,486,823 as previous volume counts had omitted several large categories of
materials including a large government documents collection.
1.b.ii Includes 12,600 music volumes and 428,001 government documents volumes destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.
6 Includes 9,519 microforms checked-in post-Katrina plus 18,269 reels of film returned from restoration.
7 Includes 1,378 checked-in post-Katrina plus 77,145 salvaged and returning from restoration.
36-38 Figures are same as 2004-05; new figures not available for 2005-06 due to interruption from Hurricane Katrina.
39-42 Figures are for spring 2006; data from fall 2005 unavailable due to Hurricane Katrina.
15c, 15d Exclude Marriott Library; figures reflect sum of Law and Health Sciences.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,215,163 to reflect e-books not included in previous years.
15.c Some expenditures included here were previously reported under Miscellaneous (15d).
21 Primarily for purchase of electronic journal backfiles.
38 This is the 2006-07 figure; 2005-06 data is not available.
4 Increase due to previously counted subscriptions that were cataloged and many subscriptions that were not in the
8 University Library figure for 2004-05 revised to 10,418.
17.c For the University Library, student figures include part-time wage and temp workers.
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