39 Includes 31 undergrad and 5 grad students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
9 Excludes the University Archives which is not administered by the Library.
26 Excludes professional and support staff in Information Technologies assigned to the Library.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 5,569,053 to include 8,087 volumes omitted from 2004-05 data.
1.b, 1.b.i Increases apparent because 2004-05 included decreases due to data loss, a shortened fiscal year and the
implementation of new workflows in a new ILS.
2 Increase due to an increased amount of monographs purchased.
4.a Increase due to the inclusion of full-text electronic journals; previously these data were not available.
8 Increase apparent because 26,501 items were omitted in 2004-05.
15.a Increase due to an increased collections budget.
15.c The main library is not able to disaggregate the expenses of various formats.
15.d Increase due to increased miscellaneous expenditures.
17.c Increase due to an increase in student assistants hired.
19 Increase due to an increase in operating expenditures, including printers and other peripherals purchased during
library renovation.
21, 22 Increase due to an increase of expenditures in this area.
23.b The Business Library reported an increase in expenditures in this area.
27 Current Periodicals was consolidated with Microforms into one service point.
29, 30 Increase due to an increase in library presentations to groups.
34, 35 Increase due to higher requests in this area.
39-42 Increase apparent because enrollment statistics now include both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students.
Previously only degree-seeking students were reported.
Volumes held June 30, 2005 revised to 3,107,528.
1.b.i Includes 894 e-books from: EBL (91) and Knovel (803).
19 2005-06 did not have extraordinary operating expenses as in 2004-05. 2004-05 figure included one-time costs for
Dawson and renovations of level 1.
23.b GALILEO services and costs have expanded dramatically from 2004-05 to 2005-06.
39-42 In the 2004-05 ARL Statistics, fall 2005 enrollment data were inadvertently used rather than fall 2004 enrollment data.
Thus, these figures show no change from 2004-05.
4.b Increase from newly available count of electronic serials not purchased.
17.c Includes some hourly employees that may not have current student status.
29, 30 Humanities and social sciences library closed during 2005-06.
9 2004-05 figure excluded Pepper Library; 2005-06 figure is based on new measuring procedures and includes Pepper
17 In 2004-05, fringe benefits were reported under Operating Expenditures (19); 2005-06 figure includes fringe benefits.
21 Includes 2005-06 databases and e-book collections, as there is no section for databases as for electronic serials.
32, 33 Includes reserves; new system cannot exclude them.
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