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How to Determine Your Scholarly Impact
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
aeb 8-11-14
b. If there are several authors publishing under the same name, try Search Web of Science Distinct
Author Sets. As above, the name should be pre-entered and add the middle initial or * as
needed. Once you perform the search, Web of Science will attempt to identify sets of articles that
it thinks are by the same author. Use the author names, years, and journals to help determine
which set is the right set. Very often there will be multiple correct sets due to the way the
software works. In this case, click on the number to the right and work with the first set and then
go back and work with subsequent sets.
5. Once you have a set of articles, take a look at them and compare them to the list of publications on the
CV. If the first few articles appear correct, I would recommend adding all of them to My Publications
and then weeding out the incorrect ones. To add to My Publications, click “Select Page” and then
“Add.” Repeat with subsequent pages until all citations are added.
6. If using the Distinct Author set and you need to add more citations, do so now. When you are done,
click on “Return to Researcher Profile” at the top of the screen.
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